Arci Munoz Gave Her BF Some IG Lovin' On His Birthday

'Find someone who loves you for yer jekyll and yer hyde. Happy unbirthday!!'
PHOTO: Instagram/ramonathornes

When you go through Arci Munoz’s IG feed, you'll know she's far from shy in showing her affection to her boyfriend of three years Badi Del Rosario. Ramona Thornes and Bones Frankenstein (Yes, they BOTH have alter-ego names) have this penchant for all things weird and quirky. 

Just a couple of days ago, Arci sent out a series of sweet birthday messages (with a dose of her signature kulit) for her main man. Really, these two are ~*meant to be*~.

“My birthday boy!!! I hate you ta bits!!!! #bonesXthornes
<> “Find the one who hears your music the same way you do. Haberday babyboy!!”
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