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Are You Ready For Typhoon Ruby?

Helpful links and resources for Typhoon Hagupit (local name: Ruby).

UPDATED: December 8, 2014

For Public Storm Warning Signal updates, visit PAGASA's website here. Metro Manila is under storm signal #2, with winds of 61-100 kph. 


TIP: Bookmark Google Public Alerts to display real-time updates from PAGASA and other typhoon news, including Ruby's route and expected damage. 


If you want information on shelters, evac centers, and the cyclone's path, use this Google Crisis Map. Double-tap to zoom into a locale:

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Want to find a family member who lives in the affected areas? Use this Google Person Finder:


Take note of these hashtags for real-time updates:

For storm coverage: #RubyPH

For aid and relief efforts: #ReliefPH

For those in need of rescue: #RescuePH

For resolved #RescuePH tweets: #SafeNow
To report floods: #FloodPH

To report missing people: #TracingPH

To report no classes: #WalangPasok

Save these emergency numbers on your phone as well!


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