Ariana Grande Can't Get Over Her Manila Concert

Kami rin.

It looks like we’ve left a GREAT impression on Ariana Grande after her Manila concert on August 23. Our baby girl Ari has been posting all these snaps of her MOA Arena performance during the past few days—almost a whole week after she flew out of the country. OMG, are you getting all ~*kilig*~ right now? 'CAUSE WE ARE.

The singer got to meet a few of her fans (SO JEALOUS) after her concert and even posted a suuuper cheeky ass-grabbing pic with them! 

"Can I grab your ass?" "Absolutely."

Ari wrote, “MANILA BABES I LOVE YOU. It was so nice finally meeting so many of you whose Twitter names I actually know by heart. I'm so so happy I finally got the chance to come perform for you in the Philippines! What a thrilling night. Thank you. I can't wait to come back. Love you. MAHAL KITA.”

Ariana SLAAAAAAYING Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing!"


Filipino Babes singing along with the Queen Babe.

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