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Ariana Grande Sings With Fans; Makes For An Amazing (Also, Dangerous) Video

How can you not love her?!

As if we needed more reasons to love her, Ariana Grande does this:

The singer was on her way to a concert in Paris when two of her fans—who were riding a motorcycle—followed her car. The fans brought a portable speaker and were singing some of Ari's hits. Of course, Ariana couldn't help it and decided to sing along with them, too!

Clearly the fans were doing something super dangerous, but that didn't stop them from trying to catch up with the moving vehicle. At one point, the vehicles behind the motorcycle even started honking their horns to which Ariana replied, “SHUT UP!”

Ari reportedly sang with her super fans for around 45 minutes. What a sweet way to get warmed up! <3

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