Ariana Grande Got A Tattoo With Her 93-Year-Old Grandma

Meanwhile, we're still hiding our permanent ink from our grandparents.
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After winning 'Woman of the Year' at the 'Billboard Women In Music' awards on Thursday night, Ariana Grande celebrated in style by doing what anyone would do and getting a tattoo with her 93-year-old grandmother.

Wait, what?!

Yep, you heard me.

Meet Marjorie Grande, aka Ariana Grande's Nonna, and the baddest granny on the block (no shade to you Barbara).

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While the rest of us live in fear of our grandmas ever finding out that we have permanently marked our bodies, Ariana's Nonna is so chill, she wanted to try a bit of body modification out for herself.

After the awards ceremony, Ari went to visit tattoo artist Mira Mariah, and left with a pretty large moon and stars design on her left hand.


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Being the badass granny that she is, Marjorie went for something a little different, and instead had her late husband's name written on the inside of her ring finger.

I'm not crying, you are.

Ariana shared the experience on Instagram Stories, and if you thought a little permanent ink had fazed Nonna, think again. When asked how she felt, Majorie replied "I feel fine", and followed it up with "I've had a little bit more excitement than this."

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Badass and shady, I genuinely don't think I could love her anymore.

Can't wait for Nonna's diss track to drop.

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