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Ariana Grande Teases The First Song From Her New Album

'Focus' comes out later this week.

​Rejoice, Arianators, for Ariana Grande has shared a clip of "Focus," the first song from her upcoming album. It's only 16 seconds long, but that's enough time to get a glimpse of her platinum hair and hear her say "come on now" at least once. She's been counting down to the single's release all month, and now, finally, its arrival is imminent—it will premiere Friday, or as the teaser helpfully notes, Thursday at midnight. 

In other Ariana news, TVLine has new photos indicating that Chanel #2 will indeed return to ​Scream Queens​ next week, possibly in spirit form after the KKTs have a funeral for her. R.I.P., Chanel #2. You were too good for that sorority anyway.

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