Ariana Grande Reacts To Justin + Hailey's Engagement

She is NOT here for Twitter's conspiracy theories.
PHOTO: Getty Images

In the event that your phone blowing up with push notifications wasn't a giveaway, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged. And the Twitter reaction has been, um, mixed (you're in my thoughts and prayers, Jelena shippers!).

While many people seem excited for 2018 gifting us yet another celebrity wedding, the speed of Hailey and Justin's engagement has drawn a LOT of comparisons to Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's rushed love connection.

But Ariana is NOT here for Twitter's conspiracy theories about mutual manager Scooter Braun having a hand in their engagements—and she tweeted (and deleted) a pretty annoyed response to a fan. 

To be fair, fans pointed out the tweet was just a joke, and Ariana backed off in a follow-up tweet:

HMMMMM okay.....time for a poll!


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