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Did Arjo Atayde Hint At A Proposal In His Birthday Post For Maine Mendoza?

'Looking forward to celebrating all your birthdays with you.'
Arjo Atayde hints at spending lifetime with Maine Mendoza
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/arjoatayde; (RIGHT) Instagram/mainedcm

Maine Mendoza recently celebrated her 27th birthday, and her boyfriend, actor Arjo Atayde, made sure to greet her in his usual sweet way.

"Mahal na mahal kita..." Arjo wrote in an IG post, where he posed with Maine, with their arms around each other. "Looking forward to celebrating all your birthdays with you! Happy birthday, Baba."

Arjo Atayde greets Maine Mendoza on her 27th birthday

At first glance, it seemed like a typical birthday greeting. But when Arjo mentioned "celebrating all your birthdays with you", could he have been hinting at spending a lifetime with Maine? 

Maine also posted a pic from their birthday celebration, where she was raising a glass of champagne.

"Cheers to 27!" she wrote in her post. "Thank you all for the birthday greetings and wishes."

Maine Mendoza on her 27th birthday
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Maine had a ring on, but it was on her right hand (unless it was a flipped image).

While guesting in October 2021 on one of broadcaster Julius Babao's vlogs, Arjo revealed that he and Maine do talk of marriage and that he thinks they're both already at the right age. 

Arjo and Maine have been together for three years. Arjo first confirmed in January 2019 that they were exclusively dating, but they were spotted going out as early as 2018. They've also been known to spend time with each other's families

Could we be hearing wedding bells soon?


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