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The Biggest Change In Arjo Since Falling in Love With Maine: 'Number one, maturity'

'I thought it was gonna take 10 years!'

Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza have got to be one of the most low-key showbiz couples out there. They've been together for two years already, but love to keep their relationship private. (Mad respect, you guys.) Over the years, they've sporadically posted about each other onlineand more so, rarely talk about each other in interviews. That is until Arjo made his recent appearance on Enchong Dee's YouTube channel.

Arjo answered a series of ~honest questions~ and revealed the following info: 1. He and Enchong are super close friends IRL and met even before Arjo entered showbiz; 2. Arjo's speech wasn't scripted when he won his Best Actor award at Asian Academy Creative Awards—plus, he didn't even think he stood a chance at winning; and 3. He almost quit showbiz because the ABS-CBN shutdown deeply affected him, and still does until this day.

But Enchong's last question had to do with Arjo's relationship with Maine: "What were the things that changed when you fell in love?"


Without skipping a beat, Arjo said, "Number one, maturity. Goals. I'm more goal-oriented."

To which Enchong interjected with: "We were talking about this! Sabi ko, 'Parang this is the most mature Arjo we've seen so far!'"

"I'm sorry, but it's happening," Arjo replied.

Enchong then jokingly said, "You never thought you'll reach that point!"

"I thought it was gonna take 10 years! Oh, my god! I'm kidding," Arjo said.

Arjo then turned serious and expounded on how his priorities realigned when he knew who he wanted to be with: "Yeah, it happened all of a sudden, you know. When you just really know what you want in life, you know who you want to be withwith that person you love the most, you just know, e. It's not something slow-mo, but it's something so real that it straightens you up all the way."

He then closed off the topic by saying, "So, yeah, I think when you're in love, I guess you should be inspired, number one. And be a better person from there. Not try to be. Just be who you are, just be good."

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Cute! All we can say to this is: Stay in love and inspired, Arjo!

You can watch the full video here.