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7 New Asian Dramas To Add To Your Watch List

Clear your weekend because we swear you’ll never leave your couch!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Life/JTBC, (RIGHT) Meteor Garden/Hunan Television

It's great to be an Asian drama fan because you literally never run out of new things to watch! From kilig rom-coms to exciting thrillers and tear-jerking melodramas, there's something for your every mood. Read on to see the new gems that you need to binge-watch ASAP.


Netflix's latest K-drama also happens to be the on-screen return of Goblin star Lee Dong Wook. In this thrilling medical drama, he plays Jin Woo, an emergency medical doctor who is caught in a power struggle with the hospital's new president (Cho Seung Woo). While all of this is happening, the hospital's director mysteriously dies, the staff go on strike, and there are some shady cover-ups on patients' deaths.

If all of this isn't enough to get you interested, Life is written by Lee Soo Yeon, who penned the award-winning political drama, Strangerwhich you can also stream on Netflix!

Meteor Garden

This Chinese drama is a modern reboot of the 2001 Taiwanese series we all know and love. Shan Cai (Shen Yue) is an ordinary girl who enrolls in the most prestigious school in the country. There, she immediately clashes with F4, a group of the school's wealthiest and most head-turning boys. The new F4 is just as ~*dreamy*~ as the classic group you remember, but is now played by Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Connor Leong, and Caesar Wu.


Familiar Wife

This newly released K-drama explores how the different choices we make impact our lives in huge ways. Joo Hyuk (Ji Sung) and Woo Jin (Han Ji Min) have been happily married for five years. A strange incident forces Joo Hyuk to make a decision that alters his entire life. He suddenly awakes to find that his five-year relationship is gone, he is living an entirely different life, and to make things even more complicated, his first love (Kang Han Na) has made a new reappearance.

Moonshine and Valentine

This recently concluded Chinese series is a huge hit for a good reason. In this fantasy drama, f(x)'s Victoria Song plays Guan Pi Pi, a newspaper reporter tasked to interview an antiques collector. The twist? That antiques collector turns out to be He Lan Jing, a man with strange abilities who also claims that he's been in love with her for hundreds of years.

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Mr. Sunshine

This epic Netflix series comes from the creative duo behind your favorite K-dramas, Goblin and Descendants of the Sun. The story mainly revolves around Choi Yoo Jin (Lee Byung Hun), who is forced to migrate to the U.S. as a young boy. Many years later, he returns to Korea as a U.S. Marine officer and falls for a noblewoman (Kim Tae Ri).

Come and Hug Me

Spanning across 12 years, this story follows childhood sweethearts Do Jin (Chang Ki Yong) and Jae Yi (Jin Ki Yoo). Their romance falls apart after a tragic murder that involves their parents. Nine years later, they cross paths again. This time, Do Jin is now a rookie detective hoping to atone for his father's sins, while Jae Yi is an aspiring actress suffering from her childhood trauma.

The Ex-Man

In this lighthearted Taiwanese drama, Li Qin Ying's (Rainie Yang) life is turned upside down when her ex (Lan Cheng Long) suddenly reappears in her life. To make things even more confusing, he looks 18 all over again… and she's the only person who can see him.


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