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Aww, Aubrey Miles And Troy Montero Share Why They Had To Cancel Their Wedding

They were supposed to get married after 17 years of being together.
PHOTO: YouTube/Livin' With Troy And Aubrey

Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero opened up about a lot of things in their latest YouTube video. 

In the vid, the showbiz couple talked about why they haven't been married yet after almost two decades of being together and why, after deciding to tie the knot, they had to cancel their plans.

Aubrey and Troy have been together since 2003. They have two kids, a 12-year old son, Hunter, and their two-year-old daughter, Rocket. Aubrey has a 20-year-old son, Maurie Obligacion, with her ex-boyfriend, JP Obligacion.

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After being together for many years, Aubrey and Troy shared that they often get asked why they're still not married.

Troy shared: "We're busy and then something would come up that was new or [would] take a lot of our time and we would be like, 'Oh!,' and it would take our focus away."

According to Aubrey: "Mga couples na ganito katagal, siguro they also know this feeling na 'Why fix it if it's not broken?' And we have nothing to fix, we're happy, we're good, we're satisfied with our relationship, everything that we want [nasa amin], and yung wedding is not really on our list before na."

"I was thinking, gosh, if our relationship wasn't strong, I would probably be more offended. But because our relationship's strong, I was like, there's nothing wrong with our relationship. There's nothing wrong. Everything's great," Troy said. "And then you know it was just one of those things. And then deep down, when we did talk about it, and we said, 'Hey, it will be one of our best adventures later.' We just did it [differently]. Not wrong, just different. We just did it our way."

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"If we have a wedding, it's like, if you don't have a huge wedding, there's so [many] weird things, pressure, so we're like, 'You know what? When we do, when it's our turn, let's do what we want, how we want it.'"

Aubrey and Troy revealed that they finally decided to get married in 2020. 

Aubrey said, "Yung 17 years na 'yon—yung parang feeling lang namin a, para sa relasyon naminna, 'Oh, we've been through a lot, we've done so much, ano pa ba?' 'Di ba? What else? So we're like, 'Maybe let's get married already.' 'Yon na lang, that's it. That's why! "

They were supposed to have a super intimate wedding in Aubrey's dream destination, Batanes, with just 10 guests, which included their moms, their kids, Troy's brother KC Montero, and KC's wife, Stephanie Dods. The mayor of Batanes had even offered to officiate the ceremony.

"We were gonna be married on this grassy field overlooking the ocean. It was gonna be very picturesque," Troy said. 

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They were supposed to go on a pre-wedding getaway in Europe, where they would have their pre-wedding pictorial. Aubrey had already made payments for the airfare, hotel accommodation, photographer, videographer, and wedding planner, but when the pandemic hit and lockdowns were enforced throughout the country, they moved the wedding date to a month later, thinking the situation would ease by that time. Eventually, they had to cancel the wedding altogether. In the video, Aubrey and Troy even showed their wedding bands, which they bought in January 2020.

Aubrey shared, "We had a problem talaga rescheduling. Sabi ko, 'You know what? After 18 years, you plan something, tapos biglang nag-pandemic. Ano ba 'to? Meant to be ba talaga 'to or hindi na talaga?'"

Troy also shared he initially was not for doing a civil wedding but has started to consider the possibility of getting a civil wedding first and pushing through with their dream wedding once conditions are safer.

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Watch Aubrey and Troy's video here: