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August 20, 2014 Conversation Starters: Ramon Bautista Is No Longer Welcome In Davao City + More!

Here, news you missed while you were sleeping.

1 Ramon Bautista was declared persona non grata in Davao City, after his hipon jokes during the Kadayawan Festival. The Davao City Council called the comedian a "corrupt influence to the youth,” adding, "There is a need to make Mr. Bautista understand that as a visitor of a place he should be mindful of decency and propriety." (Rappler)

Ramon publicly apologized on his social media accounts, and tweeted this statement on August 19:

2 Speaking of public apologies. Sharon Cuneta apologized to her fans on Facebook for "getting fat, and staying fat." The 48-year-old singer posted on her social media account, "I hated myself for the way I looked and the time I continued to waste by not focusing and working on bettering my own person. And each time I rebelled, often offending other people by being inconsiderate of their time and all else that I used to respect in and about them, I just felt worse and worse about myself." (

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3 OMG! J.K. Rowling just unveiled a new Harry Potter spin-off, this time involving one of her favorite characters, Celestina Warbeck, the Singing Sorceress! You can read J.K's new story—and listen to some of Celestina's songs when you go to!

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4 Can we please have this moment to appreciate the hotness that is Tom Hiddleston? The Thor star accepted the #ALSIceBucketChallenge—and nominated pals Benedict Cumberbatch, Luke Evans, and Helena Bonham Carter to do the same!

5 ICYM the best news ever! Our spirit Taylor Swift released her video for "Shake It Off", and it is EVERYTHING! We love the song so much, we decided to devote an ENTIRE article to Tay's awkward dancing GIFs HERE!