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Study Says Women Find Average-Looking Men Attractive If They're Creative

Their artistic flair makes them on par with good-looking guys.
PHOTO: istockphoto

A study done by psychologist Christopher Watkins at the Abertay University in Scotland reveals that men who aren't classified as handsome can still attract women—as long as they're creative.  

An Agence France-Presse (AFP) report explains: "Watkins first recruited a batch of volunteers who looked at pictures of men and women, rating each on the basis of their looks alone. Then, armed with this benchmark of beauty, he then submitted the same pictures to another group of volunteers—but this time he provided clues about the subjects' creativity."

The results showed that "average-looking men become more alluring when women sense the man has an imaginative spark."

"Creative guys with less attractive faces were almost identical in attractiveness to really good-looking guys who were not as creative," Watkins said.

But for some reason, it's not the same for women.

The study pointed out: "Less attractive women even worsen their mating chances if they show mental zing." As Watkins observed, "Creative women with less attractive faces seem to be perhaps penalized in some way."

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