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Ayn Bernos On Not Being The Beauty Standard: 'It's about time girls like me are allowed to try, too'

Ayn responded to a hate comment about her joining Miss Universe Philippines.
Ayn Bernos clapped back at a comment saying she has a mental health problem for thinking she stood a chance to win Miss Universe Philippines.

If you've been following the Miss Universe Philippines competition, you know that content creator Ayn Bernos has been a fan favorite as early as when the Top 100 delegates were announced on July 19. In an Instagram post addressing her fans, she shared, "When I was a kid, I would always stay up late to watch major pageants. I looked up to these beauty queens. I have so much respect for them. I admired them so much and I've always wanted to be like them. But at the same time, as a pageant fan, I always knew that I was not qualified." As we all know, height has been a major factor in pageantry—that is, until the MUP organization removed the minimum height requirement this year. 

Ayn landed a spot on the Top 100 and trained with beauty camp Kagandahang Flores. She was also a part of the Top 15 of the MUP's "Intro Video" challenge and was one of the candidates who dominated the "Headshot" challenge. 

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Ayn Bernos responds to negative comment

Unfortunately, pageantry has its dark side. The morena beauty took to Instagram to address a comment she received. Ayn wrote, "Someone commented that I must have a mental health problem for even thinking I stand a chance against taller, smarter, and more beautiful women."

She continued, "I did not join Miss Universe Philippines because I believed I was the beauty standard. I joined it because I KNOW I'm not, and it's about time girls like me are allowed to try, too."

Ayn Bernos responded to comment saying she has a mental health problem for thinking she stood a chance to win Miss Universe Philippines.
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"Every time I start doubting myself, I always go back to my purpose: I needed someone like me on stage when I was younger. I did not feel represented. So now that I can do it for the next generation—why wait?"


"There are kids out there who see themselves in me. If I tell myself I'm not good enough, then I'm telling them they're not good enough. I refuse to do that. So I represent."

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