A Baby Abducted From Benguet Hospital Was Returned To Parents

The 24-year-old woman who kidnapped the baby reportedly had a nervous breakdown.
PHOTO: Pixabay

On Friday, December 16, a male baby who was kidnapped from Benguet General Hospital earlier this month by a woman pretending to be a doctor was returned to his parents.

Last Tuesday, December 13, the baby, who was then just three days old, was kidnapped by a woman who introduced herself to the child's parents as Dr. Ramos. She told the couple that she had to check the baby's weight.

"Based on the hospital's CCTV footage, the suspect came out from the ward and immediately proceeded to the exit door carrying two bags, one of which was used to hide the baby. She then [boarded] a taxi," reports Baguio Herald Express.

"The baby's father, Jose Vicente Jr., and his relatives asked help from authorities to look for the suspect. They also posted the baby's photos on social media. The baby was found in Barangay Puguis in La Trinidad after informants who knew the woman reported her whereabouts to the police," reports Micaela Ilao on ABS-CBN News Online.

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The ABS-CBN News report notes: "The authorities asked the media not to name the 24-year-old suspect, who refused to give a statement and is currently confined in a hospital after having a nervous breakdown. She likewise claimed that [she] had a miscarriage earlier this month."

For his part, Vicente is considering filing a complaint against the suspect for kidnapping. "Kailangan niya harapin yung paratang sa ginawa niya [She needs to face the consequences of what she did]," he said.

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