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14 *Fascinating* Things You'll Love To Know About K-Drama Actor Bae In Hyuk

This passionate star is starting to get the recognition he deserves and we are here for it!
14 Things You Need To Know About Bae In Hyuk
PHOTO: instagram/inhyuk_bb

One look at Cheer Up actor Bae In Hyuk and the first thing you'll notice about him is his charming and captivating visuals. With that warm smile, expressive eyes, and cute dimples, it's impossible to not fall for him! Bae In Hyuk has been steadily gaining popularity over the years and even though he hasn't been in the industry for that long yet, he has already appeared in a lot of dramas since his debut. You're probably searching here and there for some stuff about him and the way you stumbled upon this article is no coincidence!

Here are 14 things about Bae In Hyuk that you definitely need to know:

1. He was born on April 4, 1998.

And that makes him a certified Aries! Those under this sign are warm and very passionate. In Hyuk's passion for acting is pretty evident with all the films and dramas he appeared in for the past three years with almost no breaks! Not to mention, Aries' presence can automatically light up a room. It is fitting to say that sometimes we can see him literally *glow,* especially when he flashes that warm smile he has.


2. Bae In Hyuk's MBTI is ENFP.

In #SBStarView, it was said that In Hyuk's MBTI (Myers-BriggsType Indicator) is the same as Hwang In Yeop's, which is ENFP. People with the ENFP personality type are warmhearted and approachable. It can be seen through his chemistry with every cast member, especially when you watch behind-the-scenes clips. ENFPs are also energetic individuals and are focused on the future. One proof is when In Hyuk admitted in #SBStarView that he asks Hwang In Yeop a lot about his future life on set. How adorable is that?

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3. He enjoys watching car videos and reviews when waiting during filming.

During an interview with his fellow Why Her cast members, In Hyuk shared that he doesn't have time for any special hobbies because he is so busy with filming. However, he said, "...because I like cars, I watch car videos and reviews often when waiting [during filming], so in a way I guess that's also somewhat of a hobby."

4. He is FLEEF's model.

FLEEF was recently selected as Olive Young's men's beauty brand. Earlier this year, they selected In Hyuk as their endorser because they thought that the actor was perfect for the clean and refreshing image that matches the look FLEEF is going for.


5. His favorite 2021 drama is Our Beloved Summer.

In an interview with his Why Her co-stars, he was asked what his favorite drama was. The actor responded that he enjoyed watching the drama Our Beloved Summer starring Choi Woo Sik and Kim Da Mi.

6. He debuted in the 2019 web film Love Buzz.

Love Buzz was the first episode in the web movie project that Playlist Global launched on YouTube. In this short film, In Hyuk played the role of Park Seung Jun, a popular guy in school whom Kim Ji Woo (Choi Ji Hui) has a crush on.

A Future Son Comes to Find An 18-Year-Old High School Student | Love Buzz | (Click CC for ENG sub)

7. Bae In Hyuk's must-haves are his wallet and lip balm.

When asked what are some must-have items that the Why Her cast members always carry in their bag, In Hyuk answered that it's his wallet and lip balm. He is sooooo relatable for this one!

8. He first appeared in a few web series in 2019 and 2020.

His 2019 web series appearances are in When You Love Yourself 2, Triple Fling Season 2, Teacher, Would You Like To Date Me?, and Kiss Scene in Yeonnamdong. In 2020, he was also in the web drama XX, where he was one of the protagonists and played the role of a bartender named Park Dan Hee working at XX bar, and Kiss Goblin, portraying the 160-year-old goblin named Ban Sook who really wanted to be a human.


9. He appeared in a few music videos.

In 2019, he had three music video appearances—"To Be Honest" by Kim Na Young, "If We Never Met" by BANHANA, and "Goodbye List" by Kim Na Young featuring Yang Da Il—which all gave heartbreaking emotions with how all of these songs expressed the feelings of how breakups affect people. These music videos showed the happy moments couples have during the first stages of their relationship, to being in a state of despair because they can't do the same things they used to enjoy doing with their partner before, and the only thing that's left sometimes is an awkward painful goodbye.


MV] Kim Na Young, Yang Da Il _ Goodbye list

10. He first had cameos in a couple of television series in 2020.

In Men Are Men, Bae In Hyuk had a special appearance and portrayed the teenage Hwang Ji Woo. He also played a novel swordsman in Was It Love? during the first two episodes of the drama.

11. Bae In Hyuk simultaneously appeared in the dramas My Roommate Is A Gumiho and At A Distance, Spring Is Green in 2021.

He played the character of Gye Sun Woo, who is a popular college student in their university, in the series My Roommate Is A Gumiho. At the same time, he also portrayed the role of Nam Soo Hyun in At A Distance, Spring Is Green, who is someone who has lived his life with a heavy sense of responsibility and is considered to be a loner and a bit unfriendly. Both of these dramas ended in July 2021. In Hyuk expressed his worry that people would be reminded of the other project while watching one project, having to portray two completely different characters.


Siblings = Matchmakers | My Roommate is a Gumiho EP8 | iQiyi K-Drama

Thankfully, he received positive responses from viewers which satisfied him. He also said that when seeing his projects, he hopes that people don't think about his previous projects or other characters. He wants to become an actor that blends really well into the current project he is doing and hopes they see him as the character he is playing rather than as Bae In Hyuk.

Soo-hyun admits he is into someone | At a Distance, Spring is Green EP9 | iQiyi K-Drama

12. He is a cast member of the newly released 2022 Korean film, Ditto.

In Hyuk just had his silver screen debut with Ditto, which is his second movie appearance after his debut in the 2019 web film Love Buzz. The movie was released this November, wherein it is a remake of the 2000 original coming-of-age romance film, which tells a story about two people from different timelines who coincidentally started to have conversations through an antique ham radio. He plays the role of Eun Sung, who is the best friend of Yong (Yeo Jin Goo).


13. He is currently in the dramas Cheer Up and Under The Queen's Umbrella.

Just like last year, In Hyuk appears in two ongoing K-dramas this last quarter of 2022. He portrays the main role in Cheer Up, a cheering squad captain at Yonhee University named Park Jung Woo. In Under The Queen's Umbrella, he's a crown price.


14. Bae In Hyuk is on Instagram.

The actor is a quiet person who shares so little of his personal life publicly. However, he shares a few snaps of what has been going on in his life sometimes on his Instagram page, @inhyuk_bb, who currently has his dog, Choco, as his IG profile picture.



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