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‘BamBamBam’ By Cebuana Pop Sensation Karencitta Has Reached 1.5M Views

It’s local, it’s Visayan, it’s hella catchy!
PHOTO: Instagram/karencittaofficial

The newest pop-dance hit to make waves is “BamBamBam” by Karencitta. It’s an ultra-catchy danceable song that sounds extremely sophis. If not for the few verses in Cebuano, you’ll assume it’s an international pop hit—although we do think the verses in the local dialect give the song extra ooomph.

Filmed during the last Sinulog (January 20, 2019) and dropping a mere two days later on January 22, the video of “Bambambam” has since hit 1.5M viewers and counting. It seems that Southern Pinays and pop dance fans embrace the song as soon as they hear its first booty-shaking beat. We love that this local song is gaining momentum during love month, because its lyrics are enticingly flirty: “Hala bayet, cute cya, oh. Smile sa ba-o, ay’g pa da. Carry ra, flirt gamay. Ali ba, hangout ta.” This roughly translates to, “He’s kinda cute. Smile, but don’t get carried away. It’s okay, flirt a little. Come on, let’s hang out.”

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"Karencitta" is Karen Ann Cabrera, the electronic-dance-pop sensation from Cebu City, Philippines, and she wrote and performed “Bambambam.” She initially established her pop cred in November 2017 with the equally-catchy electronic-dance-pop smash hit “Cebuana” (This song was on loop on our dance list for months!). We predict that just like “Cebuana,” “BamBamBam” will be equally as recognized.

“Cebuana” holds such an impressive record on the charts: It won Best Regional Song in the 2018 AWIT Awards, won Best Regional song in the MOR Music Awards, and was even the top one Most Viral Music on Spotify on November 27, 2017. The “Cebuana” music video was so popular that it got more than one million hits in its first 24 hours online. To date, the video already has 18.2M views! We’re sure it’s the booty-bustin’ beat and teasing lyrics of the song that made it a big hit: “You really need a Cebuana! I’m more than a summertime lover. Ari ba! Ari ba! Ari ba! Grabiha! Grabiha! Grabiha!“

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Visayan or not, fans of electro-pop dance music love Karencitta’s quirky sound and confident star quality. And, she looks the part of a pop star, too, what with her flashy threads, dreads or slick pony, and her sporty-sexy vibe. Karencitta always seems ready to pop and dub on the dancefloor (or on the Sinulog streets) that it’s hard not to take on her pop-lovin’ vibe when you hear her catchy beats.

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Karencitta, a proud bisaya, is based in her beloved city of Cebu. She, however, remains signed with California’s Capitol Records for International projects and with Viva Artists Agency for her ASEAN engagements. She shuffles between the US and Cebu to create music and collaborate with other dance pop artists and groups.

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