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Band Spotlight: The Bloomfields On Music, Women, And Everything In Between

Meet the four young rock and rollers that compose The Bloomfields, who dished to Cosmo their passion for music--and dating girls!

One night in Eastwood City recently, Cosmo spotted men and women, young and old alike, screaming and singing their hearts out. Who could be causing this ruckus on a week night? It's none other than The Bloomfields! The band launched its first ever music documentary video directed by Chuck Gutierrez that night. The video brought out the highlights of the band members' collective and individual performances. The event, entitled Rokumentary, also gave the audience a sneak peek of the band's orginal songs that will be part of their upcoming new album.

The band was created way back when the members were in third year high school, by a group of friends who found it fun to play music during school fairs and events. The group was formed by former band member Jay Jay Lozano. Though he has already left the band, they kept his one main legacy: the band's name. While on vacation in the US, Jay Jay passed by and saw Bloomfield Avenue. He thought it was fun and happy, just like the band, so he proposed it to the group. They weren't very satisfied with it at first, but since they didn't have other ideas either, they kept the name. The rest was history.

Over five years later, The Bloomfields continues to entertain people with good old ‘60s music--with a twist. The group predominantly plays rock and roll with sporadic ballads and mellow hits. Putting soul, energy, and life to old school music are four young, magnetic guys: Louie Poco, Lakan Hila, Rocky Collado, and the latest addition to the crew, Dino Pascual. These four guys share an exciting and riveting chemistry onstage, treating their audience to an incredible audio and visual experience.

As part of the band's Corporate Social Responsibility, The Bloomfields supports Senyas Kamay, a support organization for the hearing impaired. Gifted with great skill in music and harmony, members of the band have a soft spot for the deaf and are committed to raising awareness for the needs of SPED children. As Louie puts it, "Music is for everyone, you don't have to hear it, you just have to listen." (Did you know Louie can communicate with the kids because he knows sign language?)

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Now's the time to get to know the members of The Bloomfields better, as we dug deeper in our interview with them, asking them about their music, love, and women!

How do you compose your songs?

"We're independent, we have no label so we do it by ourselves. Every song should be by the band, equally by the four of us."

Where or how do you do this individually?
Louie: "Usually while I'm driving."
Lakan: "In my dreams. Groove rift."
Rocky: "When I go to bed, I get LSS on something and then a new tune just comes out."
Dino: "During bum time. Usually from the lines I hear on TV or from people around me, and I'd be like, 'Hey, that'd be cool to make into song lyrics!'"

What usually is your inspiration when composing songs?
"Emotions. The higher the emotions, the better, like anger."

How did you start to support Senyas Kamay?
Louie: "I have a friend who liked helping deaf kids in Senyas Kamay. Then when Ondoy hit us, I started to help her support the deaf, since right now, kulang ang support sa SPED kids. Now it's part of the website awareness, more like a CSR. We're like a company rin kasi."

Would you rather live a life without music or without women?
"Haha! That's a good question. There would be no music without women."

Are you single or taken?
Dino: "For marketing and during concerts, we're all single. I have a girlfriend but she tells me to make my status on Facebook 'Single' because it's better for me."

Do you prefer girls who are music-lovers just like you?
"Not strictly, but usually the girls we date are the people we meet in concerts, gigs, and the like. That's where we usually are e. So usually they're also music-lovers just like us."

What turns you off in women?
Louie: "Girls who, when it's time to pay the bill, suddenly go to the washroom or act distracted. I'm more than happy to pay, but I don't like a girl who doesn't even offer to pay for her share."
Lakan: "Mabahong buhok."
Rocky: "A lady who doesn't dress like a lady."
Dino: "Someone who can't handle a conversation."

What's your signature style in dating?
(The guys answered for each other.)
Louie: Pa-cute
Lakan: Straightforward
Rocky: Aggressive
Dino: Suave and old-fashioned

In getting girls, does it help that you're a musician?
"Oh yes, every time!"

Would you date a Bloomie (A Bloomfields fan)?
"No, they're too young."

Can you give us a pick-up line from a song?
Rocky: "Gimme some kind of sign..."
Dino: "Save tonight! Haha. Cheesy."

To see exclusive photos of the cute rock 'n' roll stars spinning and doing crazy stunts onstage (plus shots of them backstage!), click through to the gallery below. Who's your favorite band member? Tell us when you comment!

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