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Barbie Forteza Once Thought She Needed To ‘Reveal Some Skin’ Just To Get Projects

'Am I being too reserved?'
Barbie Forteza Thought She Needed ‘Reveal Some Skin’ Just To Get Projects
PHOTO: Instagram/barbaraforteza

While most of us may know Barbie Forteza as Klay in the hit teleserye Maria Clara at Ibarra, it’s not the first time that the actress exhibited her undeniable talent. In fact, Barbie has already won a Best Supporting Actress award almost a decade prior for her performance in the film Marquina in 2014.

It wasn’t always easy for the 25-year-old, however, especially during the lockdown when she struggled to book projects.

Barbie shared her experience with a snap from a photoshoot she commissioned in 2020, "Throwback to this photoshoot I did back in 2020. It was my very first personal shoot. I thought of making one because a lot of celebrities are doing it and I didn’t want to be left out. I felt really pretty and important that day but it did cost a bit.

"I remember feeling scared because I’ve made a lot of big decisions at the worst time possible which was during the pandemic. Everything felt unsure and I guess one of the reasons why I did this shoot was to be aesthetically active on social media for job opportunities, hopefully.”


The actress admits that she even considered doing ~sexy scenes~ and revealing some skin just to land projects because she thought she was too “reserved.”

“I remember asking myself at the time, ‘What else can I do? Can people still appreciate me for just giving my best in acting? Should I reveal some skin or say yes to kissing scenes? Am I being too reserved? What’s next for me?’” she says. “And now, here I am. Our dream house is slowly coming together and I have so much to look forward to.”

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Fast forward to 2022, Barbie’s *iconic* role in Maria Clara at Ibarra opened several opportunities for her. “I am beyond grateful to everyone who believed in me when even I started to doubt myself and to everyone who now appreciates the work that I do. I’m just super thankful for all of you,” she says, even sharing some words of encouragement for her fans.

“If you’re reading this and you’re going through a tough time right now, I want you to know that you can do it. Your struggles will make your success more valuable.

Now, time to roll up my sleeves. Got a lot of work to do.” What an inspiration!

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