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As Barretto Patriarch Is Laid To Rest, Julia Barretto Says, 'I'm sorry for how a solemn occasion and celebration of your life turned into a circus'

The actress described that the past few months have been 'difficult.'

The Barretto family has laid to rest the remains of their patriarch, the late Miguel Barretto, on October 18.

Julia Barretto, who was very close to her grandfather whom she lovingly called “9/29,” took to Instagram as she wrote her final goodbye amid all the controversy that has been hounding the Barretto family in the past week.

Julia began her post as she said, “Pikey, I’m sorry for how a solemn occasion and celebration of your life turned into a circus. That instead of your legacy being remembered and given attention, it created noise and more damage. This is not how it was supposed to be. I’m sorry that you watched all of this happen.”

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The actress, who described how the past months “have been difficult,” continued, “My dearest 9/29, the past months have been difficult, but seeing you suffer and then watching you leave us was the toughest part.”

Apart from the pain that Julia is suffering from the loss of her grandfather, the actress said that she is also “being attacked.” This could refer to her aunt Gretchen Barretto, who blatantly mentioned her niece in a series of posts on Instagram Stories. In one post, Gretchen tagged Julia in a post that read, "The most dangerous liars are those who think they are telling the truth.”

Julia said, “Pikey, despite all these false accusations [targeted] at me, despite all the lies being spread about my family and me, I will remain still and keep my peace. I will exclude myself from a battle that is not mine, but I will stand by my mom and will be there for her no matter what happens.”

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Talking about her grandfather, Julia promised that she will put her focus on sharing his legacy “and the beautiful stories about how great of a person you were.” Julia also said that she has been busy with work and promised her grandfather that she will focus on her career.

“The rest of my family and I will be continued to be attacked and painted as bad people, but you and God know we were there during the good and most difficult times leading up to your passing. Your legacy will live on. I will keep my peace, focus on you, my faith, and the work that I have been receiving,” Julia continued.

Addressing her 8.1 million followers on Instagram, Julia ended her post as she said, “And to everyone, I humbly ask that you please stop attacking me and my family at this most difficult time. We are all in pain and we are all still grieving our loss.”

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