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LOL, Bea Alonzo's *Brutally Honest* Mom Just Said Her Daughter Is 'Tanga sa pag-ibig'

Grabe yung ~honesty~!

You guys, Bea Alonzo recently played a game of "Who's Who" with her mom Mary Ann (also known as Madam M) and her younger brother James, and it's honestly sooo pure and hilarious. The vid was shot at their beautiful farm in Zambales, Beata Firma.

Here's how the game went: Madam M was given a bunch of questions about her children and she answered them by *dunking* the respective child's head in a batya of ice-cold water. She enjoyed it so much, she was actually ~disappointed~ when the game ended! 

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The moment she saw the "Sino ang mas tanga sa pag-ibig?" question, Madam M burst out: "Jusko, si Bea Alonzo! Guys, si Bea Alonzo 'yon!" She added: "'Di ba, ang tanga?" Apparently, Bea is also more secretive, especially when it comes to her love life. All throughout the vid, Bea kept exclaiming, "Ang bigat talaga ng kamay ni mama!" 

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Madam M also claimed that Bea is more tamad when it comes to chores, she does better at school, she snores louder, and that she's more magastos. We also found out that James is more iyakin, more malambing, more organized, and that he had more exes than his ate! Madam M said they're both her favorites and that they're both vain, LOL. We're seriously loving her honesty.

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You can watch the actual moment Madam M talked about Bea's love life at the 3:50 mark below: 

Bea Alonzo's dating history 

Bea has publicly dated several celebrities including Jake Cuenca, Zanjoe Marudo, and Gerald Anderson. Her breakup with Gerald broke the internet in 2019 after Bea revealed that the former ghosted her, saying in an interview: "Honestly, to my understanding, we did not break up. He just started not talking to me." In 2020, the internet started shipping her with Dominic Roque!  

In a previous vlog, Bea and her mom also played a game of Jojowain O Totropahin. Madam M said she wants Bea's future husband to be "mabait lang, maging totoo. At huwag babaero." She also mentioned her dreams for Bea and said, "Ang magka-asawa ka ng maayos na lalaki. Ang magkapamilya ka. Soon sana." 


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