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Bea Alonzo Channels ~Bobbie Salazar~ In The Teaser Of Her New Film 'Unbreakable'

It features her *iconic* 'Four Sisters And A Wedding' line!
PHOTO: Unbreakable/ABS-CBN Star Cinema

Movie *kween* Bea Alonzo is back on the big screen with a new film, Unbreakable, co-starring Angelica Panganiban. Star Cinema just dropped the movie's teaser and, as with any Bea film, we have a lot of ~feels~. Here are a few points you should note about Unbreakable, based on the teaser:

1. Bea and Angelica's characters literally bump into each other during a college gig which starts their ~unbreakable~ friendship.

2. Their college scenes are set in the 2000s, as emphasized by the cringey wigs and even cringier fashion. (This was pre-Insta, selfies, and smartphones, so sorry na lang!)

3. All seems well for the besties until their BFF montage cuts to present-day with Bea's character happily cuddling up with her fiancé, played by Richard Gutierrez. The couple are on FaceTime, it seems, with Angelica's character on the other line, and ask her if she's ready for their wedding! The camera shifts to her face and SHE DOES NOT SEEM PLEASED. AT ALL. Dundundundunnnnn…

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Unbreakable's teaser has gotten us hyped up to see it in cinemas, but it was made even more interesting with the inclusion an *iconic* movie line from Pinoy cult fave film, Four Sisters And A Wedding. The 2013 film also starred Bea, playing New York-based corporate communications manager Bobbie Salazar. With the maaany memes that spawned from this film, people who haven't seen even it know Bobbie's line by heart: "Pero bakit parang kasalanan ko?"

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Cut to 2019, and Bea's Unbreakable character gives a new spin to the line during the college gig brawl scene in the teaser! After being slapped in the face (ouch!) by a random woman, she shouts, "Teka, bakit parang kasalanan ko?"

Yup, Bobbie Salazar lives on forever.

Unbreakable is directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar and will hit cinemas on November 27.

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