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Beatrice Luigi Gomez Looks Back On Her Miss Universe Journey: 'This was definitely the biggest highlight of my 2021'

Joining Miss Universe was the biggest plot twist in Bea's life.
bea luigi gomez looks back on miss universe journey

Time sure does fly and for Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez, joining the pageant has been one of her ~best~ highlights of 2021.

Crowned in October 2021, Beatrice posted a photo with her fellow Top 5 queens including Steffi Rose Aberasturi, Katrina Dimaranan, Victoria Velasquez Vincent, and Maureen Wroblewitz. The beauty queen, who represented the country at the Miss Universe pageant in Israel and made it to the Top 5, wrote, "I can’t believe that it has only been a year since that joyous moment when Cebu City was called Miss Universe Philippines 2021."

"In my head, around this time last year was Murphy's Law, which states that if anything could go wrong, it will," Bea wrote. "I can never mess up anything that's meant for me and that's when I finally freed myself from worries and enjoyed the whole experience."


Bea shared that joining Miss Universe was supposed to be part of her bucket list but it ended up being the biggest plot twist of her life. She added, "I would do it all over again with my sisters and friends at @themissuniverseph 2021 if I could."

Ending her post, Bea wrote, "Other than the Miss Universe experience in Israel, this was definitely the biggest highlight of my 2021. I will forever cherish this memory and the people who were a part of this chapter in my life."

Bea was considered to be a dark horse in the Miss Universe Philippines competition, and she managed to bag victories in the Introduction, Casting Video, and Interview challenges, along with winning Best in Swimsuit and Best in Evening Gown, making her a strong contender for the crown


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