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Bela Padilla And Bianca Gonzalez Tweet In The Midst Of Issue About 'Self-Proclaimed Influencers' Asking Siargao Resort For Freebies

What does it really mean to be an influencer?

ICYMI, a popular Siargao resort recently called out “self-proclaimed influencers” asking them for “collaborations” in a Facebook post that has gone viral. White Banana Beach Club posted, “We would like to suggest to try another way to eat, drink, or sleep for free. Or try to actually work.”

In another post, they clarified that they are not against influencers, only freeloaders. “A REAL influencer is called as such by the rest, he does not address himself/herself as an influencer. We have actually collaborated with a few of them, in different terms and conditions, and we support them.” The resort clarified that they do offer compensation in kind or in monetary form to “real influencers.” “But look, they’ve never contacted us, as they don’t need us. We need them.”

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Local content creators have reacted to the issue including vlogger Lance de Ocampo. “Being in the industry for [eight] years, I've learned that there's always a better way to decline a collaboration. Email to email, private message to private message. No need to throw shade,” he posted on IG Stories, according to He added, “Siargao will not be as appreciated as it is now if not [for] the so-called influencers' breathtaking and well-curated Instagram photos.” 

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In a later post, Lance apologized for his “opinion that sparked misinterpretation.” He said, “I didn’t message that beach club for any kind of collaboration. To clear things up, I didn’t mean to credit Siargao’s tourism on influencers. I just meant that one factor of Siargao’s growing popularity is because of social media.”

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Celebrities like Bela Padilla and Bianca Gonzalez have also tweeted about the topic of influencers, though neither mentioned any specific people or establishments. Bela said, “It’s so sad that you felt the need to take credit for a place so beautiful to begin with and would be perfectly fine with or without you. Tsk tsk. BTW, we all started going to Siargao three years ago, NOT because of your posts.”

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Bianca noted that everyone has some form of influence on people around them, but “it should never be a license to feel entitled to demand to be given free things.”

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Meanwhile, DJ Suzy from radio station 89.9 urged people to think about what influence really means.

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