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Bela Padilla On Going Through A Tough Time: ‘If you’re going through something now, have faith’

Bela said she appreciated the worst of times.

Bela Padilla shared a personal post on Instagram on September 19 as she wrote, “This day in New York was particularly hard for me. June 6th.”

The candid photo, taken by her friend, shows Bela looking sad as she sat in front of The Vessel, a popular tourist attraction in New York City. Bela shared, “This day was so bad that I couldn’t muster up enough energy to take photos in this tourist attraction. Instead, I sat far from where everyone posed. The Vessel stood behind me and yet I kept my eyes closed.”

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Bela continued, “I’m happy that he took a photo of me at my saddest. I appreciate all the worst of times, all I did was close my eyes and try to understand. That I didn’t turn into a person I wouldn’t want to face today.”

Her post ended with an encouraging tone as she wrote, “I’m sure you all have been through tough times. It took me a while to believe that it will get better. And if you’re going through something now, have faith.”

Bela did not disclose why she felt the way she did, but promised her 4.6 million Instagram followers, “One day, I will tell the story of what happened on June 6, 2019.” 

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