Bela Padilla: 'Yes, I am free from social conventions.'

PHOTO: Instagram/bela

Bela Padilla is trying to erase the stigma people have associated with the word "liberated."

On June 14, Bela was tagged on Twitter by the user @bataman1422, whose name on the social media website is MarNigoEternity. (MarNigo is the name of Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual's love team.) While the user's tweets cannot be found anymore and the account has been set to private, based on Bela's reply, it seems that @bataman1422 was telling Maris to not be influenced by Bela's "liberated" nature. (Maris and Bela were recently spotted together at a fashion magazine's ball.)

Bela, trying to make sense of how the word "liberated" was used, replied to the basher. "Liberated in what sense? In the fact that I travel alone and spend [the] money I earned by working hard on museums and mugs and hats? :) Because aside from taveling, all I've [been doing] since I graduated was work. I take one night off every three months." She added that outside of her job, she engages in activities that are "clean" and "modest." 

She also mentioned Maris: "And on those nights off, I've only seen Maris once. FYI, she asks me what I'm doing, not the other way around. And the last time we were together was to work out. Let the people you love grow. You don't know who can be beneficial to them."

She then ended her first series of tweets by challenging the basher to make his or her Twitter account public and to put his or her real name on the account, adding, "the same way you dragged my full name into this non-issue." 

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In her next series of tweets, Bela continued to ponder on the word "liberated" and later gave an empowering meaning to it. She began by saying that when she read that someone had called her liberated, she felt "scared." She explained, "Because I grew up in a household where that term shouldn't be attached to a woman. But I checked out what it really means and yes, I am free from social conventions and traditional ideas."

She then said that even the roles she accepts are "not always the typical damsels in distress who cry over everything. And although I do enjoy them, I love my weird films and strong, independent characters, too."

The actress even asked herself if it was because she travels far that she was "criticized" for being "liberated." She defended herself by saying that she paid for her trips, and that at 27, she is at the right age to do what she wants with her income. "I realize," she added, "that the stigma that the word has is strong in this country."

"Even I had a bad notion about it. But now that I can think for myself, I can't think of what could possibly be wrong about being a woman who is free to express herself through her art and who makes a decent living enough for her to enjoy and see the world. :)"

She then finished writing down her thoughts by telling the "uptight and self-righteous basher" to enjoy the sun. "There's a whole world outside, not just the dark one festering away in your head."

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Well-said, Bela!

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