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9 *Iconic* K-pop Collabs That Should Happen Again

More interactions, please!
9 K-Pop Collabs That We Can't Get Enough Of

Every month, more and more K-pop groups and solo artists release albums or singles that even K-pop fans go crazy trying to keep up with sometimes! But what’s better than your favorite Korean artist releasing a song or album? Two of your favorite Korean artists collaborating! May it be a new song release, a stage performance, a music video, or a song and/or dance cover, there’s that special kilig feeling watching two artists you love together!

We asked some fans which K-pop collaborations they wished would happen again. Here are the results:

1. Onewe and Hwasa

Starting off the list, "Q" by ONEWE featuring MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is the best song when you’re in the mood to listen to a little bit of angst. Korean band ONEWE sings about the confusion of being in a relationship with someone who acts differently each time in this self-produced track. Hwasa’s sultry voice mixes in perfectly well with the vocalists’ which makes this song addicting to listen to. Fun fact: Onewe and Hwasa are both under RBW!


Look forward to: The beautiful guitar solo by Kanghyun towards the end of the song

Listen to this song when: You can’t understand your S.O.

Watch the full MV here:

(ONEWE) - (Q) (Feat. (Hwa Sa)) MV

2. BTOB and Apink

One of the most iconic boy group and girl group friendships in the K-pop industry is none other than BTOPINK! Members of both groups were trainees together and their friendship spans years that even their fans, Melody and Pink Panda, have a good relationship and are always excited to see the two groups together.

For SBS Gayo Daejeon in December 2014, BTOB and Apink performed a Christmas stage of "You Can Cry" by BTOB and "Mr. Ru" by Apink (a wordplay on their song, "Mr. Chu"). Seeing the members of both groups having fun singing and dancing with each other is such a special Christmas gift for those rooting for their friendship.

Look forward to: Apink's Namjoo and BTOB's Eunkwang singing the high notes together

Recommended Videos

Watch this performance when: You want to feel the holiday spirit with your friends

Check out the stage performance here:

3, AKMU and IU

Two music powerhouses in the K-pop industry collaborating? We’re totally here for it! When AKMU revealed that they will be releasing a collaboration album called "Next Episode," K-pop enthusiasts were amazed at the big names featured in each of the tracks. The title track, "Nakka," features none other than IU, one of the legendary soloists in the K-pop industry. The song is so catchy, and we guarantee this will play over and over in your mind. LSS alert!

Look forward to: The blending of their voices

Listen to this song when: You finally succumb to your LSS

Watch the live performance during IU’s "Palette" here:

NAKKA Live version AKMU ft. IU on [IU'Palette] Ep. 9

4. Paul Kim and Jung Hae In

K-drama fans, look here! It’s not a secret among fans that actor Jung Hae In is a big fan of soloist Paul Kim. He would usually sing Paul Kim’s songs in variety shows. So, it came as a wonderful surprise when Paul Kim released a special duet version of "But I’ll Miss You" together with Jung Hae In last year. The song talks about reminiscing the meetings and farewells of life.


Look forward to: Hearing Jung Hae In sing if you have only watched his dramas

Listen to this song when: you are missing your childhood friends or the friends you haven’t seen in a long time

Check out the special video here:

Paul Kim - But I Will Miss You (with Haein Jung) [neuron special][ENG]

5. Bae Suzy and EXO's Baekhyun

One of the most popular collabs when it was released, "Dream" by Bae Suzy and EXO's Baekhyun is a song that will make you want to close your eyes and bask in the sun. The lyrics are simple and sweet, talking about a couple in love. This is definitely a K-pop jazz song that will be remembered by fans for a long time.

Look forward to: The visual overload when you watch the MV

Listen to this song when: You are on a road trip with a special someone

Watch the full MV here:

[MV] (Suzy), (BAEKHYUN) - Dream

6. GFRIEND, I.O.I, TWICE, and Red Velvet

The most popular third-gen girl groups came together in this special stage for KBS Song Festival in 2016. GFriend, I.O.I., TWICE, and Red Velvet entered the stage dancing their own songs but joined at the end to cover Girls' Generation’s "Into the New World," one of the most legendary K-pop girl group songs of all time. This screams girl power, and we know fans really wish this kind of collaboration would happen again!


Look forward to: The chorus where they all sing together

Watch this performance when: You miss going to concerts and music festivals

Check out the special stage here:

Girl's Present - GFRIEND, I.O.I, TWICE, Red Velvet

7. Sam Kim and Kwon Jinah

These two soloists are hidden gems of K-pop. If you haven’t heard any of their songs before, you need to add "For Now" to your playlist right now. There’s something about this song that tugs at your heartstrings and makes you feel emotional. This song is the story of two ex-lovers meeting accidentally when the guy had a new girlfriend already and he introduces his ex as a good friend. Kwon Jinah and Sam Kim sing of the unspoken words by both parties. You’ll love the wordplay – the way they used the same words to convey the different perspectives of the two.

Look forward to: Both of them playing the guitar while the other sings


Listen to this song when: You’re reminiscing about the past

Watch the special live here:

[NEMO live] Kwon Jinah LOVE Sam Kim - For Now


One good thing about Mnet's Road To Kingdom is that the show gave us unforgettable K-pop collabs. For the collaboration stage, VERIVERY and TO1 (previously known as TOO) covered BTS’ "On" which fans claim as one of the most difficult BTS songs. The other participating groups of the show even remarked that they looked like one team considering that both groups combined have 17 members in total. Both groups are also fairly new to the K-pop scene with VERIVERY being only a year old and TO1 being less than a year old during this time. They are “maknae on top” indeed!

Look forward to: The synchronized dance break

Watch this performance when: You’re in the mood for a dance party

Check out the performance video here:

ENG] Road to Kingdom XTOO 200528 EP.5

9. Seungmin and Jongho and Eunkwang

Stray Kids’ Seungmin, ATEEZ’ Jongho, and BTOB’s Eunkwang doing their own rendition of IU’s "Love Poem" is an iconic performance from Mnet's Kingdom: Legendary War. Everyone who watched this got goosebumps! The harmonies were perfect with all of them standing out during their own parts and no one overpowering anyone. Seungmin’s vocal color, Jongho’s high notes, and Eunkwang’s vocal technique blended really well to create this legendary stage.


Look forward to: The whole performance!

Watch this performance when: You want to immerse yourself in music that will melt your ears

Watch the full stage here:

With the number of K-pop collaborations happening every year, it’s hard to choose favorites! Which other collabs do you want to see happen again?