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15 K-Pop Songs That You Will *Definitely* Sing All Day

15 Of The *Best* K-Pop Releases Of 2022

Listening to music is not just a simple hobby, it's a way of life that helps us cope every day. Personally, I have different playlists depending on my mood. Early in the morning, I play albums that serve as my timer while I prepare for work. Throughout the day, I listen to songs for a serotonin boost. And finally, ballads are the best to send me to sleep at night. These playlists are my life savers and it's nice to see that they keep on growing from time to time. Big thanks to the artists who never get tired of releasing music that feeds our souls. 

Since I'm a huge K-pop fan, the majority of the songs I listen to are from my favorite idol groups and soloists. NGL, 2022 K-pop songs are totally serving quality. I already lost count of how many times I got LSS (last song syndrome) this year! I'm pretty sure most of you can relate and while we're at it, let's talk about some of this year's Korean releases that we can't get out of our heads.

Here are K-pop songs that will definitely make you sing all day:

1. "TOMBOY" by (G)-IDLE

First on the list are from the girls who already have a wide array of powerful songs. It's no surprise to see "TOMBOY" on this list. The track made a buzz among listeners just after getting released. I remember getting curious about the song because my friends put it in their IG stories through Spotify. It's giving badass energy and is overall empowering! The main crunch of the track is the instrumental chorus.


(G)I-DLE - 'TOMBOY' Official Music Video

2. "After Like" by IVE

I won't bother writing a story about songs that give us LSS if IVE wouldn't be on the list. Since their debut in December 2021, they have already captured the hearts of many K-pop fans with their debut track, "Eleven". The Starship Entertainment girl group strengthened their gameplay when they made a comeback with "Love Dive" which became a huge hit. All eyes are on them and the girls did not disappoint when they released "After Like," a powerful follow-up to their first two title tracks. The song samples Gloria Gaynor's iconic disco hit, "I Will Survive" which makes it much easier to remember.


3. "Hype Boy" by NewJeans

NewJeans debuted without any teasers but the girls are taking the industry by storm! Ever since they came to the scene, they already got us hooked. "Attention" instantly became a hit both in South Korea and internationally. They didn't stop there, because all of their songs from their debut EP are performing well and another track that we couldn't stop vibing to is "Hype Boy." In an era where the girl crush concept is everywhere, here's this rookie girl group making a name with their fresh and highly addictive sound.

NewJeans 'Hype Boy' Official MV (Performance ver.1)

4. "FOREVER 1" by Girls' Generation

The queens are back! And what do we mean by that? Another track has been added to our playlists. Whether you're a seasoned K-pop fan or a newbie, you can't deny that Girls' Generation will always hold a huge impact on the industry. "FOREVER 1" ends the group's five-year hiatus and serves as their full-group comeback for their fifteenth debut anniversary. The vibrant title track made all the years of waiting worth it. It was also accompanied by a stunning and colorful music video and of course, the girls are gorgeous as always!

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Girls' Generation ???? 'FOREVER 1' MV

5. "POP!" by Nayeon

Admit it or not, nothing can change the fact that "POP" is a certified bop! TWICE's Nayeon's solo debut made headlines and built huge anticipation not only for ONCEs (their group's fandom name) but also for K-pop fans in general. Eventually, she satisfied everyone's expectations with her debut. You might also want to check her album because I assure you, it's a no-skip masterpiece! Okay, will listen to "POP" again and... will just try the hand choreography once more.


The minute I watched the music video teaser of "HOT," I knew right away that SEVENTEEN was about to release a hit. Did I get it wrong? Of course, not! The ~hottest~ boys successfully released a new addition to their collection of LSS-worthy songs. Not only that, the track makes us want to dance every time it reaches the chorus. Who can relate if I say that I still have some on my TikTok drafts? Well, that's just for me to keep. *laughs*

SEVENTEEN (???) 'HOT' Official MV


For a debut song to put listeners in LSS, it simply means quality! The ~fierce~ girls of LE SSERAFIM walk the Hallyu runway with a grand entrance that we will never forget. "FEARLESS" has everything we're all looking for either a debut or a comeback. From the impressive musical production to well-choreographed dance moves, it's a complete package! The title track made a good representation of their debut EP which contains equally beautiful tracks.


8. "That That" by PSY (prod. & feat. BTS' Suga)

Just by the name of the artists who performed this track, you can already make a conclusion why "That That" is a song that we will sing all day long. PSY is no question a hitmaker who already gave us a number of viral and danceable hits. Suga, whether a collaborator, producer, solo performer, and BTS member, is no doubt a musical genius whose passion for music transcends the quality of the songs he does. Two powerful royalties combined and voila, we got ~THAT~ song!


PSY - 'That That (prod. & feat. SUGA of BTS)' MV

9. "Zoom" by Jessi

Lights, camera, action! The song that makes us all feel like a ~million bucks~, "Zoom" is one of the 2022 hits that hardly brought us into an intense state of LSS. Well, it's a craft from Jessi so you can only expect that it's going to be groovy and juicy. The viral hit became a staple in bars and it's impossible not to hear it at your TGIF parties. The K-pop star recently visited the Philippines for #ZoomInManila as her first-ever concert and until now, both Jessi and Jebbies (her fans) are still remembering that wonderful night!

Jessi - 'ZOOM' MV

10. "Beatbox" by NCT Dream

NCT Dream has a lot of feel-good songs and "Beatbox" is an example. The track is very easy to listen to. If you are looking for something to lighten up your mood, this is the answer! It has an encouraging vibe that makes you want to dance whether you're alone in your room or while spending some time with your friends. I would personally put this as my alarm tone or listen to it early in the morning to set myself in positive energy.

NCT DREAM 'Beatbox' MV

11. "BTBT" by B.I

The ever-talented Kim Hanbin who goes by the stage name, B.I, serves us his captivating vocals in "BTBT." The song title refers to the Korean word "Biteul biteulwhich means losing their balance while tottering side to side. It is a collaboration among B.I himself, Soulja Boy, and DeVita. The chorus part is so striking that you can feel it from your ears to your brain! Our favorite boy, B.I, has once again showcased his versatility. After all, he was born to make his mark in the music industry.

B.I X Soulja Boy - BTBT (Feat. DeVita) PERFORMANCE FILM

12. "Illusion" by aespa

The girls are on the ~next level~ and always find their way to deliver bops. The part in the chorus where they sang "follow me, come and get illusion," is such a killing part! It's not a question if we're going to follow them (even in kwangya) because who are we to refuse? Anyway, there's no ~illusion~ in including this track on the list just because.

aespa (Illusion)' Lyric Video

13. "Pink Venom" by BLACKPINK

Finally, it's BLACKPINK in our area! "Pink Venom" carries the known sound of the group. Just like their previous releases, the quartet from YG Entertainment gave us another bop as a pre-release single for their second studio album, Born Pink. It successfully fulfilled its purpose to boost the excitement for the group's much-awaited comeback. The title track, "Shut Down," will also occupy your mind rent-free. As expected for BLACKPINK, they never fail to give us songs to sing along to.

BLACKPINK - ‘Pink Venom’ M/V

14. "MANIAC" by Stray Kids

My personal preference leans more toward ballads but amazingly, "MANIAC" does magic for me. The powerful arrangement is so irresistible. I remember being so obsessed with the chorus part while attempting to do the choreography (in which I failed, BTW). Another striking part of the song is the bridge part. Stray Kids definitely didn't come to play with this one.



Capping off the list is a song from HYBE's boy group, ENHYPEN. "SHOUT OUT" is a heartwarming track that is full of sincere emotions. The group member, Jake, co-wrote the lyrics while thinking about what he would feel if they perform the song in front of their fans. Thankfully, they're now able to do it as they go on their MANIFESTO World Tour. BRB, crying and manifesting to be able to hear "SHOUT OUT" live in Manila!



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