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Here Are The 12 Best Netflix Original Movies Of 2021

Did someone say 'Idris Elba on horseback'??
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It's no secret that Netflix has hours upon hours of bingeable shows (that's how we've all been spent our weekends for the past year, right??) but the streaming service also cranks out some of the best movies around. And apparently, it didn't let a pandemic slow it down, because it's already dropped some must-see movies.

There's everything from the zombie apocalypse movie Army Of The Dead to Amy Poehler's feminist Moxie. And you know you can't miss out on Idris Elbra riding around on a horse in Concrete Cowboy. (You can thank me later!) So pop some popcorn and clear your schedule, because you're about to hunker down in front of the TV like we're still not allowed to go outside anymore.

1. Moxie

Anything with Amy Poehler is a must-see in my books, and Moxie continues that reputation. Poehler plays a mom with a teenage daughter who, inspired by her mom's rebellious past, decides to publish an anonymous zine calling out all the gross sexism at her school, and it's oh so satisfying.

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2. The White Tiger

Based on a book by the same name, this movie is all about a man named Balram who uses his super smarts to escape from poverty in his Indian village. But as he soon finds out, it's not exactly an easy feat. The movie co-stars the gorge Priyanka Chopra AND the screenplay was nominated for an Oscar, so you know it's going to be good.

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3. Stowaway

Anna Kendrick's newest movie is DEFINITELY a must-watch, especially if you're into thrillers and/or outer space. Kendrick plays an astronaut who's on a three-person trip to Mars, which is great and cool until they discover there's a stowaway on board and there isn't enough oxygen for all four of them. Yikes!

4. Paper Lives

If you're looking for something with a whole lot of emotional drama, this is it. Mehmet is a selfless waste warehouse operator in Istanbul, Turkey. He tries to help everyone he can, but when he meets a homeless eight-year-old boy, his whole life changes.

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5. To All the Boys: Always And Forever

The latest installment of the To All the Boys franchise, just like the two movies before it, is absolute cheesy perfection. Lara Jean has got her dream man, but now she's stuck trying to figure out two very big questions: who she is and where she wants to go to college.

6. Why Did You Kill Me?

True crime stans need to watch this new documentary ASAP. It shares the story of Belinda Lane, a mother who uses MySpace to track down people involved in her daughter's murder.

7. The Dig

If you love a period piece that's based on a true story then you'll be very into The Dig. Set in the 1930s, Edith Pretty, a wealthy English landowner, hires an archeologist to come investigate the large mounds on her estate. What they end up finding just so happens to be a burial ground from the Dark Ages.

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8. Finding 'Ohana

At just 12 years old, Pilialoha "Pili" Kawena is plucked from her New York City lifestyle and taken to rural O'ahu to help take care of her grandfather. While she's there, Pili, who's a geocaching champion, finds a secret pirate's journal that she believes is leading her to a 200-year-old shipwrecked treasure. If you're looking for something the whole family can enjoy, this is it.

9. I Care A Lot

Dark comedy fans (which I think is everyone after the last year we've had?) will LOVE this mysterious thriller starring Rosamund Pike. She plays a court-appointed guardian for elderly wards and she, through less-than-squeaky-clean legal means, takes all of their assets for herself.

10. Concrete Cowboy

Idris Elba on horseback? Ummm, yes please. This movie is your classic story of a rebellious teenager who's sent to live with their other parent and is inevitably saved by the power of animals and community. And every minute of it is just so damn enjoyable!

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11. Army Of The Dead

This isn't just your typical zombie apocalypse movie. It's set in a post-zombie outbreak world where all the zombies have somehow been contained to a quarantine zone in Las Vegas. Former zombie war hero Scott Ward gets a very interesting proposition: break into Vegas to retrieve $200 million that's in an underground casino vault before the government nukes the zombies in 32 hours.

12. Seaspiracy

This documentary is going to have you rethinking whether you ever want to eat fish again. It gets into all the ways the fishing industry harms our seas and oceans, and just how important it is that we save them.


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