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These Are The Best Movies Coming Out In 2020

Get the popcorn poppin'.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Birds Of Prey/Warner Bros. Pictures, (RIGHT) A Quiet Place/Paramount Pictures

As one decade ends and another begins, we have a lot to look forward to—especially when it comes to movies. Not only are there a bunch of highly anticipated original films coming out, but there are also sequels from everyone's fav franchises in the works. I mean, it looks like 2020 is the year we finally get another Legally Blonde movie. What a way to kick off the new decade!

Here are the movies you definitely need to add to your calendar for the year ahead. Some of them aren't coming out for months, but it’s going to be a big year for films.

Birds of Prey

Set to hit theaters on February 7, Birds of Prey is the next chapter in the story of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie). Now that she's on her own, she’s teaming up with Black Canary, Huntress, and Renee Montoya. Who needs the Joker?

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A Quiet Place 2

This highly anticipated sequel to John Krasinski and Emily Blunt's horror thriller arrives March 20. Although John himself won't be returning (thanks to the horrible fate his character suffered in the first movie...sorry for the spoiler), Emily and the rest of the movie's Abbott family will star, and they're still fighting to survive from the creatures who will kill them if they make a sound.

Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place.
A Quiet Place/Paramount Pictures
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Because who isn't ready for another live-action Disney movie? Liu Yifei stars in this new retelling of Mulan. This time, the movie isn't quite going back to its more musical roots (which sadly means there will be no updated version of "I'll Make A Man Out Of You") while honoring the Chinese culture that inspired the original film. Mulan is out March 27.

Black Widow

Sure, Avengers: Endgame is in the past, but that doesn't mean there aren't still stories to tell when it comes to our favorite Marvel heroes. In Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson reprises her role as Natasha Romanoff in her very own movie, which takes place after Captain America: Civil War. The movie hits theaters May 1.

Legally Blonde 3

Although Reese Witherspoon has confirmed that this sequel is happening, details have been very hush-hush, and rumor has it that the movie's February 14 release date has been pushed back to later in the year. Hopefully, at some point in 2020, we'll be catching up with Elle Woods again—it's been long enough!

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Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde.
Legally Blonde/MGM

Margot Robbie fans have not one but two big movies to look forward to in 2020. She's also taking on the iconic role of Barbie in the live-action movie, due out sometime next year. Fingers crossed more details will be released soon, because this sounds like it's going to be epic.

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Wonder Woman 1984

Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) is back, y'all—and this time, she's fighting Cheetah, who will be played by Kristin Wiig. The sequel is set to hit theaters on June 5.

In The Heights

Fan of musicals-turned-movies and Lin-Manuel Miranda? This is the film for you! The screen adaptation of In The Heights is out on June 26 and will be both produced and composed by Miranda. Dascha Polanco and Stephanie Beatriz are set to star.

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The Witches

Based on the novel by Roald Dahl, The Witches is a dark comedy starring Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, and Stanley Tucci. In the movie, a young boy runs into some witches, and things get crazy. It's set to hit theaters October 9, just in time for spooky szn.

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