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10 Pinoy Hugot Films On Netflix—For When You Really Need To ~Feel Something~

Pinoy Hugot Films On Netflix For When You Need To Feel Something

Drinking game idea: Take a shot every time someone in a #hugot film says something stupid about love—but you can still relate to the statement. It's when you yell at the screen, "Tanga!" but at the same time, somewhere deep down, you totally agree. We bet two movies in you'd be wasted enough to call your ex. Wait. Bad idea. Don't play that game. Just grab a box of tissues and some ice cream instead before marathoning the best, feels-filled movies!

We can't be the only ones to have noticed that the late 2010s gave us a new breed of deeply relatable flicks set in today's world. We round up the best examples of these Pinoy feels-filled flicks to stream on Netflix.

Bring on the feels with these Pinoy romance movies on Netflix:

1. That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)

This Antoinette Jadaone film is arguably the one that started it all. Angelica Panganiban and JM de Guzman play Mace and Anthony, two strangers with a lot of baggage (literally for Mace and figuratively for both of them). They first meet at an airport in Rome and end up traveling together, heading from Manila to Baguio and Sagada, to find out where broken hearts go.


Best hugot line: "Kung mahal mo, habulin mo, ipaglaban mo. 'Wag mong hintaying may magtulak sa kanya pabalik sa'yo. Hilahin mo. Hanggang kaya mo, 'wag kang bibitaw."

2. I'm Drunk, I Love You (2017)

Carson (Maja Salvador) and Dio (Paulo Avelino) have been best buds since forever—around as much time as Carson has secretly been in love with Dio. Yup, it's that "I'm so stupid to make the biggest mistake of falling in love with my best friend" tale but this time told through an impromptu road trip in Elyu right before college graduation. With lots of beer. And bagnet.

Best hugot line: "Huwag kang mag-sorry. Hindi mo naman kasalanan kung hindi mo ako mahal."

3. The Hows Of Us (2018)

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla pretty much broke box-office records when this Cathy Garcia-Molina film was released in theaters. And when you take one of the biggest love-teams right now and put them in a very real tale about a couple growing (apart?) together, it was really the only possible outcome. Watch this when you start questioning whether being a martyr for love is really worth it, just like George (Kathryn) did with Primo (Daniel).

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Best hugot line: "Pagod na ako. Pagod na 'kong sabihin kay Mama na okay lang ako. Pagod na 'kong umasa na paggising ko, bumalik na ang Primong minahal ko. Pagod na 'kong umasang tutuparin mo ang pangako mo sa 'kin. Pagod na 'kong ipagtanggol ka sa kanila."

4. On Vodka, Beers, And Regrets (2020)

If you're into rom-coms but don't want to admit you are, then this anti-rom-com is for you. Bela Padilla and JC Santos star as Jane and Francis, respectively. The former was once a child star and is now on a crazed path of self-destruction while the latter is a band frontman on the mission to help her out. Take it as a warning against toxic relationships.

Best hugot line: Gusto kitang mahalin araw-araw, Jane. Pero nahihirapan na 'ko. Hindi naman pwede na mahal lang ganoon lang. Kailangan mo ng tulong, Jane. At hindi ako 'yon."


5. Exes Baggage (2018)

CarGel finally reunitedfor a movie where they played ex-lovers who reunite. Pia (Angelica Panganiban) and Nix (Carlo Aquino) end up at the same party two years after they broke up. The tale of how they went from strangers to lovers and strangers again is told through a series of flashbacks, all leading us back to their present-day meeting. Not-so-spoiler alert: They're both still carrying major baggage from their relationship.

Best hugot line: "Hindi na ako takot na masaktan. Paulit-ulit ko isusugal ang puso ko para lang maramdaman ko ang naramdaman ko sa atin noon."

6. Mr. And Mrs. Cruz (2018)

Still not over Kita Kita in Japan? Director and writer Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo takes us to Palawan in Mr. And Mrs. Cruz. Here, two complete strangerswho have the same last name and are both on their own soul-searching solo tripssomehow end up traveling together. This dialogue-driven story stars JC Santos and Ryza Cenon as the two Cruzes. They bring their characters' stories to the forefront, though for sure the picturesque background of Palawan can't be missed eitherespecially since we're still on version who-knows-what of the quarantine.


Best hugot line: "Tapos na ako sa exploration stage, nasa burn-out stage na ako."

7. Alone/Together (2019)

Can college sweethearts really make it together as adults? This movie tracks couple Tin (Liza Soberano) and Raf (Enrique Gil) from their time together as a happy-go-lucky, idealistic couple in collegethink isaw dates by the UP Ovalto tackling shitty adult life (a.k.a. reality and all its shortcomings). Antoinette Jadaone helmed this flick, leading the LizQuen couple in what was arguably their first more mature movie.

Best hugot line: "Bullshit! Mahal mo lang siya dahil nasanay ka na."


Special mention: Tin's speech in front of Juan Luna's Spoliarium"Our history is tragic but no matter how tragic our past is, we must not forget. We must never forget. To forget is to deny the present any significant meaning."

8. Never Not Love You (2018)

Antoinette Jadaone knows how to show people in love-and struggling to keep that lovein what is arguably the James Reid and Nadine Lustre love team's best film yet (we said it), Never Not Love You. Joanne (Nadine) has come to Manila to work her ass off and provide for her family back home. Gio (James) is an artist mostly living off of his dad's money. Then the two meet. It goes from the first few, sweet months of new love to well, the not-at-all sweet parts of being in a relationship.

Best hugot line: "Magkasama na tayo palagi, pero masaya ba tayo?" 

9. 100 Tula Para Kay Stella (2017)


This is the movie that first gave us the power of a Bela Padilla and JC Santos tandem. Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, it follows shy and introverted student Fidel (JC) as he writes poems to his crush, rocker Stella (Bela), throughout the course of their college life. The two are complete opposites, which makes their storybacked by Fidel's poetryall the more worthy of a watch (and a good cry).

Best hugot line: "Ilang salita ba kailangan mo, ha? 'I like you' 'Gusto kita' 'Mahal kita.' Ba't di mo sinabi?"

10. Hello, Love, Goodbye (2020)

Joy and Ethan. These two characters pretty much changed the game for Pinoy romance dramas in 2019; we feel like it deserves its own category, really, but no list of excellent feels-filled movies would be complete without this Garcia-Molina film. Set in Hong Kong, it follows two different overseas workers who meet, fall in love, then have to face reality. Fun fact: As of writing, this film is the top-grossing Filipino film of all time!


Best hugot line: "Kung mahal mo ako, bakit hindi ako ang piliin mo, Joy?" to which Joy responds, "Kung mahal mo ako, bakit pinapapili mo ako?"

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