Betty On 'Riverdale' Was Almost Played By An Entirely Different Actress

Would Bughead even be a thing if this happened?
PHOTO: Riverdale/Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Lili Reinhart slays so much as Betty Cooper in Riverdale that it's pretty impossible to imagine anyone else as the character. But apparently, another actress came close to filling Betty's straight edge shoes. And what's even crazier is that the actress that was almost cast as Betty instead of Lili is also part of Riverdale: Madelaine Petsch aka Cheryl Blossom.

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It feels crazy even thinking about Madelaine playing anyone other than the stone cold, sinister popular girl Cheryl, but it's true. In a cute Q&A video on her YouTube channel, Madelaine explains that she actually auditioned for Riverdale's producers as Betty first.

But she says it became clear pretty quickly that the producers had a more fitting role for her. "I'm pretty sure they always knew they wanted me for Cheryl," Mads added. It was only right. Could you even imagine anyone but Mads delivering Cheryl's trademark zingers to Riverdale High's finest? And besides, there's just something about Lili and Cole Sprouse's chemistry that makes Jughead tick!


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