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Bianca Gonzalez On Her Mom Bod: 'I am just suwerte and I know this is not the norm'


TV host Bianca Gonzalez recently opened up about her “payat but strong” mom bod and about comments like “Parang 'di nanganak!” She shared a photo from a Pilates session and said, “I fully realize that photos like this may contribute to the unrealistic expectation on mothers who just gave birth. I have no 'secret,' I always say I am just suwerte and that I know this is not the norm.”

The mom of two said, “It could probably be my genes; [I'm] lucky to inherit good metabolism. It could also be that I have been taking Pilates for over 10 years now and continued to take Pilates during both my pregnancies (with my [obstetrician’s] approval). It could be because I breastfed/feed both my daughters and that burns lots of calories. It could be because I eat a lot of gulay. It could be all these; it could be none of these.”


“Another mom reading this could be doing all these and more, but the results could be different. That is why I always say na suwerte lang talaga ako and of course, thankful for it. Every mom is different; every body is different! Moms should not be shamed for being ‘Ay, ang laki niya!’ because that ‘laki’ is what helped grow and nurture a human being inside her. A human being!!!”

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Bianca advised fellow moms who might be frustrated about losing the baby weight, “Know that you are so much more than your size or weight. That you should work out or diet when you feel you are ready, not because others are pressuring you to do so. (Learned that from [Judy Ann Santos]!) Know that your child loves you whether or not you shed those ‘extra 10 pounds.’”

The “Paano Ba ‘To” vlogger said, “I know it may seem like it is ‘easy’ for me to say this ‘kasi payat ako’ but just like there is fat-shaming, there is also skinny-shaming. Kanya-kanya talaga ng battles post-pregnancy. But for sure, you are not alone—we are not alone. Ang dami natin who struggle with our bodies after giving birth, how it will ‘never be the same.’ But if we think about it, we have a child! Our lives will never be the same.”


Bianca has two daughters with her husband, basketball player JC Intal: 11-month-old Carmen and three-year-old Lucia. Both girls will celebrate their birthdays next month.


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