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Events Host Bianca Valerio Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted In 2021: 'This was not an isolated act'

'I only ask for one thing, that you punish this monster.'
Bianca Valerio reveals she was sexually assaulted in 2021
PHOTO: Instagram/bianca_valerio

Trigger warning: Sexual assault

Events host and vlogger Bianca Valerio recently made a big revelation on social media: She was a victim of sexual assault in 2021.

In an IG post, Bianca shared that the incident happened on June 23, 2021, when she hosted a private party. She would later find out that her attacker, who introduced himself as someone working for a popular mobile app, had not been invited to the gathering. Bianca did not name the man.

"I had never seen, met, or heard of this man before that evening," Bianca said.

"He was this cuddly teddy bear who was truly the Mr. PR he is known to be," she added.

Bianca also revealed that the man supposedly is a convicted felon with a criminal record as far back as 2014. She says what happened to her was not an isolated incident and that there are many other victims just like her.

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"I wish I never took that job. I wish I never met those people at the party. Now I understand why many of his alleged victims have never spoken up because they have to live with the shame of being judged—judged by society, judged by you."

"In hindsight, knowing now what I know about you, I am probably one of the few who is actually kind to you. Because I never asked you for anything that night. I never asked you to buy me a drink. I never asked you for wallet credits. I never asked you for a ride home. I never asked you for narcotics, even if you and I knew all throughout that evening as you offered and you pushed, what did I say? 'Oh, no, you go ahead. Thank you so much. No, no, no. No.' No means no. No doesn't mean, 'Please, convince me.' No."

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"Just because I was kind to you, you probably thought that it was okay to take advantage of me, to manipulate me, to isolate me, to physically hurt me, and to sexually assault me. Even if I keep begging and begging you, 'Why are you doing this? Please, don't do this. Please stop, don't do this.”

Bianca, who has reported the crime to the police and sought legal action, says she is doing it to honor victims just like her.

"Just remember, I see you, you are strong, you are brave, you are enough. Remember you are a survivor, you are not alone. Remember that your voice matters because I have just shown you right now how I use mine."

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*If you find yourself in a similar situation, you may call PNP's Aleng Pulis hotline: (+63) 919 777 7377.