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Bimby Aquino Tells Mom Kris Aquino He's Straight, Respects It If People Think He's Gay

PHOTO: Facebook/Kris Aquino

Yesterday evening, Kris Aquino shared a video on Facebook where she and her son Bimby Aquino talk and ask each other very honest questions. Kris said of the video, "This is Bimb’s story. Ang kwento nya, ang katotohanan ng buhay nya, ang mga pangarap nya, ang mga natutunan nya...."

One of the most surprising, if not enlightening, parts of the 20-minute video was when Kris frankly asked Bimby how he feels about being called gay and if he is, indeed, gay.

Bimby, 14, replied, "I don't feel anything. It's like, 'O sige, if you think I'm gay, all right, dude. But you do realize na the gay community in the Philippines is a strong community.' [Being gay] did not go through my mind. Because I know what I am. I'm straight, I'm straight as an arrow."

Kris assured Bimby that whatever he identifies himself as, she'll accept. "I really don't care. Honestly. Whatever you choose to be, it'll be fine with me, for as long as you excel."

Bimby still wanted to set the record straight, so he looked into the camera and said, "I'll set the record straight. I'm straight. I like women. I don't like boys."

Then Bimby wisely told his mom, "They're entitled to their own opinions about what they think of me. Just as long as they don't attack me. If you say, 'Uy, I think Bimb's gay,' I'll respect that. I'll say, 'No, I'm not gay.' But if you say, 'Uy, beki si Bimb, kadiri,' that's wrong." He added, "As long as may respeto ka sa tao, okay lang. If you have different opinions, okay lang 'yan, sure."


For at least four years now, people have been using the word "gay" to insult or bully Bimby—and he is aware of this. Kris has always defended him, saying she has no problem with his sexual preference, that she instead takes issue with homophobes and people telling Bimby what he should be. She also doesn't approve of people judging any child.

Watch the video below for some endearing mother-son moments, and see just how amazing (but still at times awkward) open conversations between parents and kids can be.

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