What Twitter Has To Say About The New Solo Teaser From BLACKPINK's Jennie

We're excited, but we have sooooo many questions!
PHOTO: Instagram/blackpinkofficial

BLACKPINK's Jennie is the first member to have her solo release's teaser revealed. The teaser dropped on BLACKPINK's official Instagram a few hours ago, and the internet has a lot of feelings! Check it out below:

In true K-pop teaser fashion, the video barely gave anything away, and pretty much just showed Jennie posing on a bed, repeatedly stating her name. At one point, she spells it out with her fingers. We’re definitely caught between feeling hella excited about this and also thinking, “WTF does this all mean?!”


We took to Twitter to see what blinks have been thinking, and the speculation has begun:

Someone even noticed that fellow BLACKPINK member Lisa hasn't commented on the teaser yet. Um, maybe chill out for a sec?

A true blink stans all members equally:

Everyone else has been too shookt by the teaser to even form a cohesive thought! Hard same, TBH:

The views and likes are already insane:

And it's already trending on Facebook!

After two years in the K-pop 'biz, BLACKPINK still hasn't released a group debut album, even with all members confirmed to have solo releases. Could this mean we might be getting a group album soon? Give us answers, YG! 


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