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You Guys, BLACKPINK *Might* Appear As Characters In This Popular Video Game

BLACKPINK for PUBG mobile game

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been dropping hints on social media about a possible new collab, and fans have a strong feeling that it's with K-pop girl group BLACKPINK. On September 14, PUBG posted a teaser featuring a character with pink bangs and pink sunglasses and captioned it with, "Guess who is coming."


The following day, they dropped another teaser featuring four familiar-looking girls in a car. It pretty much confirms that the game has something special planned with the K-pop group, especially since their lightstick (a black and pink hammer) also appears as a car accessory in the illustration. Check out the teaser for yourself:


The four characters in the teaser also happen to have hair colors extremely similar to those of the BLACKPINK members during their promotions for their record-breaking single "How You Like That." Fans are now speculating—and hoping—that BLACKPINK members JisooJennieRosé, and Lisa ~might~ appear as characters in the popular video game.

It's known among avid fans of the K-pop group that the ladies are huge on playing games, especially the eldest member, Jisoo. In an episode of the group's variety show Blackpink House, Jisoo is seen being busy on her phone playing a game called Cookie Run while fellow member Lisa makes a remark about how her unnie loves to play games.

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Several fans have also mentioned that Jisoo plays other computer games like Overwatch and even PUBG. Both she and Lisa (and possibly Jennie and Rosé as well) also own a Nintendo Switch where they play Animal Crossing.

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Aside from being gamers themselves, Lisa also starred in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love back in 2019 where players can unlock her character as their assistant in the game, among other special events and missions featuring her character.


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