Blake Lively Is Just Like You, Watches Old Episodes Of 'Gossip Girl' Before Bed

You know you love her. Xoxo.

Blake Lively, cat-pie baker extraordinaire, might be friends with Taylor Swift and married to Deadpool, but in at least one way she's just like you: She watches old episodes of Gossip Girl before bed. On Sunday night, she shared an Instagram of young Chace Crawford with his terrible season-one hair and said she "came across" the pilot episode and watched all the way through. "This 2007 style is the true Miracle On 34th Street," she wrote of Chace's center-parted monstrosity. Can you really blame Blair for not quite wanting to lose her virginity to that? 

Blake asked her followers not to tell anyone about her nighttime rewatch, which is weird since she's the one who Instagrammed it. Also, having been terrorized by Gossip Girl for six seasons, she should know that no secret stays hidden on the Upper East Side. Here's hoping she makes it to season four so the world can find out what she really thinks of Prince Louis. 

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