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Blake Lively Owns A Taylor Swift Voodoo Doll

Oh shit.

​After innocuously referring to T-Swift's "Bad Blood" music video in an Instagram caption over the weekend, Blake Lively began to feel the social media wrath of Swifties worried their idol had been shaded. But this was not the case! Blake would never! Serena van der Woodsen totes would though.

So she tried to clear the air (or did she?!) with another Instagram caption, confirming her application to join Taylor's squad is in the mail and that she's a big fangirl yas kween Taylor slay me I live I die I'm in limbo~~ etc., etc. She even has a Taylor Swift voodoo doll, Blake said, but it's not one she sticks pins in wishing for bad things to happen to Taylor, oh no. It's a "Taylor Swift Please Be My Wife Voo Doo Doll," Blake explained, without clarifying how exactly the (sexy?) witchcraft comes to pass in this context—it's probably like when you tried to make Barbie and Ken make out or, in my case, Ken and any of the other male dolls. 


Blake then added the hashtag #obsessed, noted that some of her Canadian relatives once met T-Swift at a concert [Editor's Note: LOL] and said she'd even hyphenate her last name Swift-Lively upon their eventual marriage (i.e. once the voodoo doll worked). And, I mean, she hasn't even hyphenated her last name publicly for Ryan Reynolds, so that's really saying something.


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