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A Body Language Expert Analyzed Kathryn Bernardo's Instagram Feed And Here's What She Thinks

Kath is as ~real~ as it gets!
PHOTO: Instagram/bernardokath

In today's social media landscape, everybody has become a celebrity. So many people seem to be carefully curating their Instagram grids to make every post as perfect as possible. With the options available right now, one can hire a photographer on the go and post photos that look like they're straight from a fashion editorial.

That's why it's a breath of fresh air to see that someone of Kathryn Bernardo's status shows such candidness being captured and published for millions to see. Here, we dissected her Instagram feed under four categories: Kath's #KathVersusInstagram posts, couple photos with boyf Daniel Padilla, pics with her friends and co-stars, and solo shots of Daniel.

#KathVersusInstagram Photos

Kathryn seems very comfortable with herself, not needing to look perfect from every angle, every single time.

In this photo taken in Iceland, her eyes are partly closed, making her almost unrecognizable. She appears like a happy kid enjoying her day and giving a sheepish grin like no one is watching.

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In another Iceland photo, she appears to take life lightly. She takes a photo with a small wooden horse because she wasn't able to take a photo with a real one. This presents her as a carefree and free-spirited woman doing what she thinks of at the moment.

She seems very spontaneous and doesn't worry about looking unglamorous as shown in this pic taken in between work. A person of her following may worry about being bashed online, and yet she just shows her brand of humor like she's your quirky friend.

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This photo with chocolate filling all over her mouth shows she knows how to have a good time, enjoy yummy food like anyone else, and not care how she looks while at it.

KathNiel Couple Photos

The couple shots with Daniel give us a peek into the romantic, poetic, and seemingly more formal side of Kathryn. They are seen holding hands, kissing, or lying next to each other. These intimate moments give us a glimpse of her in her happiest and most vulnerable state. Kathryn seems very secure of herself and their relationship for her to just show the world what a private moment for them looks like.

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In this wacky shot of the couple, Kathryn shows that she can be herself around Daniel. Her goofy facial expression proves once again that she doesn't care if she looks wa-poise or not!

This photo of KathNiel features Kathryn stooping low beside a dog, while Daniel is seated on a bench. This shows what a "cowboy" Kathryn is and of course how much she loves dogs.

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Kath + Friends 

Kath's posts with her pals highlight how she cherishes her friendships. Her post with BFF Arisse de Santos reveals her vulnerable side as she explains how painful it is to part ways with her dear friend. The fact that she's a busy artist, is in a relationship, and is still able to do all of the things she said she did with her friend tells us that she takes time to be with people she values. This would also imply that she knows how to manage her time and enjoy her life despite being in the limelight. She is not afraid to express in words her true feelings. This gives us a peek into how expressive she is. She also shows photos of her being physically affectionate with her friends. These show that her love language would be both words and physical touch.

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These posts with her friends show her blending in with themwhether it's just the two of them or four of them in the photo. She doesn't stick out and doesn't do anything to make her more noticeable. This demonstrates how secure she is in her own skin and doesn't mind just being "one of them." Some artists may feel the need to look their best, but she doesn't have that need and that makes her all the more endearing.

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Kathryn recently starred in Hello, Love, Goodbye, the highest-grossing Philippine film of all time. And yet when looking at her two posts with the rest of the cast, there was no mention of that milestone. This shows how humble she is; she doesn't have to shout out to the world how much they have earned thus far.

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Kathryn's picture with her The Hows Of Us co-star Ria Atayde shows once again that she is not self-conscious and she has a wacky personality.

Solo Photos Of Daniel

Her choices of Daniel's solo photos are very telling. Her boyfriend is a heartthrob and yet she chooses photos of him that mostly don't highlight his best angles. This suggests that she sees more than what meets the eye.

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In this appreciation post, she writes a long caption thanking Daniel for being supportive of her and shows several photos of them appearing to be in a video call. This shows how secure she is by telling everyone how difficult it was for her to shoot in Hong Kong for Hello, Love, Goodbye. She admitted to feeling exhausted, drained, and lonely. She just said things the way they are, without the need to sugarcoat. Also, she shouted to the world just how much Daniel means to her. Not everyone in love can do that because their pride can get in the way. Kathryn truly shows us how to feel: Be vulnerable and be proud of it.

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For this photo, her caption "how did I get so lucky?" shows us she isn't afraid to tell the world that she is blessed. And she says it in a way that sounds natural and doesn't appear like she's bragging.

Key Takeaway From Kath's Insta

Overall, Kathryn appears like she's a person who's pretty secure. She has everything many people would dream of having but she won't make you hate her for it because she also shows you how human she is. She can self-deprecate, show vulnerability, shout to the world her love, her pains, and her hardships. She's like the friend you want to have, the sister you never had, and what you hope your future daughter will be.

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Sheila Tan is a licensed Meta-Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and Neuro-Semantics trainer. She does one-on-one and group coaching for companies and people in relationships. She conducts training in Communication, Coaching, Selling, and Leadership under her company, Altius Coaching and Consulting. She is one of the founders of Flourish Circle, a group aiming to create community-based solutions on Mental Health concerns. She is also currently the Sales Capability Leader of Procter & Gamble Philippines. You may follow her on her Instagram account @upwithsheila for her training and workshops or send an email to for inquiries.