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A Body Language Expert Analyzed Mika Dela Cruz And Nash Aguas' Couple Photos Then And Now

With 13 years' worth of photos, there's a lot to uncover about these two.
PHOTO: Instagram/zackwey

Many of us would have that one person who reminds us of memories of falling in love for the first timethe kind that is innocent, pure, and filled with hope. For some, they probably ended up with just that: hopes and what-ifs. For others, it might have ended with a rude awakening of life's harsh realities, maybe realizing that the person we fell in love with was not the person we had in our minds after all.

Then there are the lucky ones, the ones who get a second chancea chance at a new beginning and a different ending. Mika Dela Cruz and Nash Aguas are among those fortunate few.

Mika And Nash's Couple Photos At Present

Scanning through the Instagram posts of Mika and Nash, one is treated with a wide array of moods and emotions. Nash, who posts more on IG between the two of them, uses a lot of humor. An example is when Nash carried Mika and wrote, "Baby Damulag."

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Another one is when Mika surprised Nash with Harry Potter tickets for his birthday and they were surprised to see they were wearing outfits that looked alike. They just had to capture the moment, and Nash jokingly says "bat ka galit?" pertaining to Mika seemingly caught offhanded when the camera clicked.

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We also see sweetness beyond words as when Nash posted a black and white photo of them looking away from each other but with bodies close to each other and hands intertwining. Such a moment captures them seemingly in private and candid mode. 

We also see a more formal side when Nash and Mika attended a wedding. Mika's right shoulder and hand disappear behind Nash's left shoulder. The picture shows them comfortably leaning into each other like it's such a normal thing to do for them.

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And then we see public proclamations of love as when Nash posted a video of the hedgehog that Mika surprised him with for his birthday. He posts, "THANK YOU LOVE LOVEEE," obviously exhilarated with being given something he says he has been looking for for a long time.

One kilig moment was when Nash posted a photo of a night scene in the US and Mika responds an "I miss u." To which Nash replies with an "I miss you nget nget" and a sad emoji. This shows how comfortable they are in declaring their feelings for each other, and it sounds natural for either of them to initiate sweet talk.

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In Nash's post of Mika with closed eyes and a wide smile, he says "proud na proud na kami sa'yo." Again, he combines humor by teasing Mika with a photo not perfectly captured, with a heartwarming declaration of his pride and support for her.

Mika rarely posts about them, and that one time she did, she totally blew us away. She posted a moment when they were staring into each other's eyes under a canopy of lights, as she quotes lines from the song "I Love You Always Forever" by Donna Lewis. This shows that Mika would unabashedly declare her feelings to Nash whenever the moment calls for it. 

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Another post from Mika which she captions "porma night" shows Mika again leaning on Nash. It shows that they seem to automatically lean close to each other at any given moment.

As if all that sweetness weren't enough, Nash tours us back in time, telling us how it all started for him. And later on, Mika admits, it did start for her as well.

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Mika And Nash's Couple Photos Back Then

Nash captures it quite well when he quoted from a Shania Twain song saying "Looks like we made it, look how far we've come my baby" as he shows a photo of them as kids standing close to each other.

Posting a photo of Mika seemingly about to swing her arms towards him, Nash reiterates his point that Mika was always mataray to him.

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He goes on to share how he has always had a crush on her and how he would take the opportunity to touch her, have a photo with her, and carry her bag any chance he gets.

He shares how for 13 years she has been his best friend. And his now controversial post about how he still loves her after all those years, just shows how his feelings for Mika have endured the test of time.

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Mika shares her side of the story saying they have already declared their "ILYs" as kids. She narrates how she was caught recalls how she was forbidden to have a boyfriend till she was 18 because of that. She says that they have been like cats and dogs, being best friends one moment and also enemies the next. She likens their love story to the movie Love, Rosie. This only goes to show that the feeling has been mutual 13 years ago, and remains true until now.

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