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Bret Jackson Defends BFF James Reid Over Reportedly Being A Snob

BFF to the rescue!

Bret Jackson, James Reid's best friend and housemate on Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010, comes to James' defense.

“Yung first thing, James is a snob or something? It's totally untrue kasi he's just really a shy person talaga. You see him on TV, he's performing, he's acting and everything. Pero the true James, he's shy. He doesn't really talk to anyone at all. If you go up to him and talk to him, he's gonna talk to you back. He's not a snob at all," Bret tells

Bret also has this to say about those rumors linking James to Julia Barretto:

“You know, Julia's friends with Sam Concepcion, one of our best friends also. And we're all barkada. And if there's any link to that, that's just because we're all friends. I mean, I don't know why it's not allowed for us to be friends with other people, di ba? Are you kidding me? We're all in showbiz and we're all around the same age. Siyempre we make friends with the people that are friendly to us.”

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Bret added that James really is just focused with his work now that his career has skyrocketed: “People are always trying to link him to different girls or something like that—I just want to say to everyone that he already said that he's focused sa work niya."

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