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Bretman Rock Got Buff And We're Here For It

Our favorite makeup guru is now swole AF!
PHOTO: Instagram/bretmanrock

So you all know Bretman Rock, Queen of Sass, Slayer of Highlighters, Mother of Makeup Palettes.

If you don't—in which case, what "Rock" have you been hiding under?—he's a 19-year-old Filipino makeup guru, best known for his hilarious YouTube tutorials. Prior to his rise, prim and proper makeup tutorials were the norm. Curse words, bloopers, and makeup mistakes were a no-no, but Bretman's no-filter approach to makeup tutorials made the normally intimidating act of makeup application accessible to first-timers. Along with fellow YouTubers like Jeffree Star and Manny Gutierrez (AKA Manny MUA), B-Rock has effectively shattered the traditional beauty standards society expects from men. They're living proof of the fact that boys can wear makeup, too, and that they look damn fine in it!

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Lately, we've noticed considerable changes in Bretman's physique. He's been hitting the gym on the reg, and his hilarious updates along the way had us dying:

(Raise your hand if you have felt personally victimized by Bretman's impeccable bathroom selfies. *AGGRESSIVELY RAISES HAND*)

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He began showing off his hard work, and we're all too happy to follow along on his progress:

After two months, he was happy to announce that he had gone from 120 to 142 lbs!

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"Mind if I wild out real quick. I was 120 lbs two months ago and a bitch is now 142 lbs you can't really see here because the rest of the weight is my ass. Also don't ask me why my face is lighter than my neck that's what three years of wearing foundation does to you," Bretman captioned the post.

And the fan reactions have been amazing:

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The best thing about Bretman's body transformation is that he's shattered even more archaic expectations of what the male face and body should look like. Men who have embraced their sexuality and gender identity have often been ostracized for the way they choose to look and dress. But the fluidity in Bretman's beauty—that he can be beautiful, handsome, and universally appreciated—is a true, concrete step forward in self-love and self-acceptance.

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Keep slaying, Bret!

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