OMG Bretman Rock Literally Got Locked Out Of His Own House

That epic climb, though.
PHOTO: Instagram/bretmanrock

Apparently, YouTuber, makeup artist, and influencer Bretman Rock recently locked himself out of "his own fucking house." In a hilarious video posted on September 26, Bretman walks us through the whole incident, even checking the back doors to show that he's literally stuck outside.   

Bretman tries to use a water hose as a rope to hook it to the banister, and when that doesn't work, he tries to just climb the house. "I've climbed houses before. Like, I can do this." After a few attempts, he realizes that he's sweating too much. 

"So we have this chalk in the Gucci container." As a last resort, he goes to the gym to get chalk for his hands, promptly removes his shirt and slippers, and carefully maneuvers his way to the second floor. He even does a celebratory twerk!

Watch the hilarious (and dangerous) incident for yourself: 

LOL. Congratulations, Bretman! We hope you don't forget your keys next time.  

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