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BTS Just Said They Want To Collaborate With Ariana Grande, And The Internet Is Freaking Out

You good, Armynators?

Move over, everyone who thought that Avengers: Endgame was one of the most ambitious pop culture crossovers ever. I predict that we're about to have something considerably more epic on our hands. Okay, fine. By predict, I mean more like...I really hope this will happen. But this is not the time to get technical! Thanks to a Grammys red carpet interview with BTS, it sounds like a potential collaboration between the K-pop megastars and Ariana Grande might be more than just something you daydream about.

While talking about how it felt to have Ariana Grande watch them rehearse for their Grammy performance with Lil Nas X, RM totally dropped a public request for Ari to collaborate with them. Someone please check my pulse.

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Fans have been calling for a BTS and Ariana Grande collaboration since May, when Jungkook was seen at one of her concerts with Scooter Braun. Obviously, it's a little too soon to jump to any conclusions because saying, "Please collaborate with us, Ari," isn't confirmation of anything. But still, at the risk of sounding like a very biased ARMY...I just feel like these boys deserve everything they want. Like, if they desire a collaboration with Ariana, someone better deliver it to them on a silver platter.

BTW, the Ari love didn't end with RM's super cute collab request. The guys had tons of love to share for her throughout their red carpet interviews...which of course has the conspiracy theorist in me convinced that a new track is coming. Please enjoy this clip of RM explaining this iconic budding friendship.

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Anyway, Twitter is absolutely geeking out over this. Shoutout to every Armynator.

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If anyone needs me, I'll just be replaying this video of the boys singing "you want it? I got it." on repeat for the rest of my life.


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