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A BTS Fan Discovered This Genius VLive Hack That You Might Want To Try Yourself

A worldwide genius, we might say.
PHOTO: Twitter/BTS_twt

Any true fan knows the struggle of watching a VLive session of our fave Korean stars without subtitles. As much as we love just watching them talk about their days on the streaming app, we have to admit, it’s a little hard to really enjoy yourself if you're not fluent in Korean. (English subs usually come in a day or two but no one will stop us from watching live sessions, duh!)

One ARMY, @tteokrjin on Twitter, however, discovered a ~*worldwide genius (or shall we say, Jinius)*~ hack while watching BTS’ Jin’s latest VLive. Because the session was live, obviously, subtitles weren’t available yet. So she decided to use the “translate by voice” option on Google Translate with a little help from her earphones, and here’s what happened:

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While the translation isn’t 100 percent accurate, it still makes watching the live stream a bit more fun, because you at least get a grasp of what Jin was saying!

The same user followed it up with:

And a better step-by-step tutorial:

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Anything to show love for your favorite idols, ya know. *purple hearts*

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