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Bring The Pain On: 7 BTS Songs About Heartbreak

Feeling the need for a pity party for yourself? Add these sad songs to your playlist!
7 BTS Songs About Heartbreak
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Each BTS member has never been involved in a public romantic relationship since their debut. They did, however, admit to having some tragic experiences in the past. For instance, Yoongi (Suga) confessed he had an ex-girlfriend. He even wrote a painful love letter about her in a radio show. Yoongi admitted that it was his shyness and awkwardness that led to their break-up. Like a true gentleman, though, he thanked her for their beautiful memories.

He isn’t the only one with a bittersweet love life. Along with their talented co-producers and co-writers, he and other members have penned songs that capture the feels of the brokenhearted. Listen to these moving songs and check out the English translations of the lyrics:

BTS songs about heartbreak

1. "ON"

This one goes out to all the strong men and women who keep fighting despite the pain. It’s not necessarily a song for those who got their heart broken by an ex-love. It actually suits those times when people try to bring you down with their words or hurt you to stop your success.

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With the most cinematic music video ever, the song actually talks about the struggles of the boy band. It's the anthem of all their struggles and times when they kept pushing on no matter how bloody and hurt they were on the inside. It also talks about their uncertainties–the stark realization that anything can change at any moment. "Of course, I'm not unafraid /, Of course, it's not all okay / But I know / Awkwardly I flow / I fly together with that black wind."


(Hey, na-na-na) Gotta go insane to stay sane

(Hey, na-na-na) Throw myself whole into both worlds

(Hey, na-na-na) Can't hold me down 'cause you know I'm a fighter

Carried myself into this beautiful prison

Find me and I'm gonna live with ya

(Eh-oh) Bring it, bring the pain, oh yeah

(Eh-oh) Come on up, bring the pain, oh yeah

Rain be pourin', sky keep fallin'

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Everyday, oh na-na-na

(Eh-oh) Bring it, bring the pain, oh yeah

BTS 'ON' Official MV

2. "I NEED U"

It’s hard to believe that these seven fine young men got their hearts toyed with in the past. If those beautiful yet cold ex-girlfriends or crushes of the BTS members knew their future, would they have been so harsh? Imagine a song being written about you that goes, "My life is ruined all because of you / I’m so done with it, I don’t want you anymore / I just can’t do it, I don’t give a shit / So please, your excuse won’t even work."

The song is perfect for anyone you know who’s totally marupok and keeps coming back to a toxic relationship. Translated in English, RM’s rap goes, "It goes round and round, why do I keep coming back? / I go down and down, it feels like I’m a fool / Nothing can help me / It’s my heart, my mind, and my soul, but they don't listen to me." Sounds familiar? Who knew they could relate to that feeling? P.S. The music video also features actor Jimin wailing while in a bathtub.

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Maybe it's because the sky is blue, and the sun is shiny

My tears stick out

Why am I so into you, why you?

Why can’t I leave you?

I need you, girl

Why do you love me and leave me all by yourself?

I need you, girl

Why do I need you when I know it hurts me?

BTS 'I NEED U' Official MV (Original ver.)

3. "Love is Not Over"

This one is about that ex you’re just not over yet. It isn’t part of the recent BTS setlists probably because it’s one of those songs that are best heard over your music player on a rainy day. The lyrics will make you reminisce if you’ve ever experienced a relationship where you love your partner more than he/she loves you. "I always smile at you / Even the love is a tragedy for me / I always cry after it’s over / Farewell Even though it's a comedy for you / Yes nothing is everlasting / I live without you even I feel like dying."

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Love is so painful

Goodbyes are even more painful

I can’t go on if you’re not here

Love me, love me

Come back to my arms

Love is not over (full length edition)

4. "134340"

Who knew a song inspired by a planet could be so tragic? The numbers allude to the one assigned to Pluto when it lost its status as the ninth planet in the solar system. It’s all about being left in the dark or thrown away like you don’t matter. "Someday, you’ll also understand my words / My seasons were always you / My cold heart is 248 degrees below zero / It stopped the day you erased me / Damn."

What’s worse is when the other person moves on like their time with you never happened. You see them happy and shining brightly beside someone else. But you, like Pluto, have no choice but to stay in that hopeless galaxy. Ouch!

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I’m just orbiting you

(I missed you, I lost you)

I’m just going in circles

(You erased me, you forgot me)

I once belonged in a world under the sun

(The song paused, the song stopped)

A smoky layer of mist in the heart of the stars

(You erased me, you forgot me)


5. "Trivia: Seesaw"

Another memorable thing about the Love Yourself era is the solo performances. For Suga, it was this song about toxic relationships filled with mind games. "People can be so crafty / We know someone gets hurt if the other is gone / But neither of us want to be the bad guy." It’s such a relatable situation—when both of you skirt around breaking up with the other because you don’t want to hurt them. And you know it’s all because there are still feelings there—just not enough to save the relationship.

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Was the small argument the beginning?

The moment I became heavier than you

Because there has never been parallel in the first place

Maybe that's why we tried to reach the balance

If it was love, and if this is what love means

Is there really a need to keep repeating ourselves

It seems we're both tired of each other and holding the same cards

Well, then

All right, a repeated seesaw game

It's about time we put an end to it

All right, a boring seesaw game

Someone has to get off of this seesaw

I can't, but

Trivia: Seesaw

6. "The Truth Untold"

If you became an ARMY (BTS fan) during the Love Yourself era, this is probably one of the songs that will forever haunt your memories. Sung by the precious vocal line (Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook), it’s a track filled with desperate longing that’s held back by fear. "I am afraid / I am shattered / I’m so afraid / That you will leave me again in the end / Once again I put on a mask and go to see you."

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The song is also filled with regret. Jin’s lines go, "Maybe back then / A little / Just this much / If I had the courage to stand before you / Would everything be different now?". If anything, it teaches you a very important lesson to never pass up on the chance to tell someone you love them.


You know that I can’t

Show you me

Give you me

I can’t show you a ruined part of myself

Once again I put a mask on and go to see you

But I still want you

BTS - The Truth Untold [Live Stage Mix w/ Lyrics]

7. "Outro: Tear"

This one is by the rap line, RM, Suga, and J-Hope. The first note is enough for some to recognize this song. If the vocal line’s take on heartbreak is melancholic, this one is more on the angry, fiery side of it. When you do read the translation, it’s like the trio is so sensitive because they say that goodbyes make them cry. But as you go deeper into it, you see how they’re a bit resentful. They want a clean break, and they don’t need any feelings to remain. "Please burn up my heart that was torn into shreds / That's right, right there, what are you hesitating for / This is the ending you were wishing for / So go on and kill me without hesitating."

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We walked towards the same place

But this place becomes our last

Although we used to talk about forever

Now we break each other without mercy

Although we thought that we dreamed the same dream

That dream has finally become a dream

My heart is torn, please burn it instead

So that pain and regret, none of that would be left

Outro : Tear

Which of these BTS songs about heartbreak brought the pain or tears for you? Which other tracks should we add to the list? Sound off on the comments! Try not to tag your ex, LOL!


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