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Camille Co Talking Only In Filipino To Joni Koro Is The Funniest Thing We've Seen All Day

LOL at 'Irog ko!'
PHOTO: Instagram/itscamilleco

Camille Co is back at it with another hilarious vlog, and this time, she's got the full participation of her husband, Finnish entrepreneur Joni Koro.

"A different kind of day in my life is now up on my vlog!" Camille said in an Instagram post. "I tried speaking to the hubs in Filipino. It was a struggle for both of us."


In her latest upload, Camille spoke only in Filipino to Joni for an entire day. Now, Camille may primarily speak in English for the most part in her vlogs, but she does crack jokes in Taglish or straight Filipino every now and then.

Joni, as Camille reveals in the vlog, has been living in the Philippines for six years already. Which is why Camille found it just fitting to put his knowledge of the Filipino language to the test. 

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We totally get a feel of just how much (and how little) Joni knows when it comes to Filipino vocabulary. Throughout the video, he struggled to understand Camille, like when she asked if she could cook a really maanghang dish, or if she could already send the driver (aka tagamaneho, LOL) home. We have to give him credit though for knowing words like babush and trulalu!

At times in the vlog, Joni surprised Camille, like when she'd ask him, "Anong oras na?" and Joni totally replied with the current time, and when Camille asked him to check if the fish she was cooking was already done. It's probably all in the context clues, or just how much he and Camille are in sync!

Watch the hilarious vlog here:

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