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Camille Prats Shares Body Positivity Journey: 'Laban lang, mga mars'

The actress and mom of three kids opens up about accepting and loving her body.

Camille Prats, actress, host, and mom of three kids, shared her journey towards body positivity in an Instagram post. “I used to be so conscious of my body because of the industry I work in,” said the actress, who got an early start in showbiz as the child star in the movie Sarah… Ang Munting Prinsesa.

“I used to be super conscious of what I wore. I was never the tight-fitting type of a person,” she said. “During my teenage years, if they think you're not thin enough, you don't get the role. Harsh ‘no? I'm glad that's no longer the case these days thanks to the advocacy of body positivity!”

She continued, “Being a mom of three, I've come to terms with the fact that my body has grown three humans—that alone is more than enough for me to accept the changes my body has gone through.”

“So what am I getting at? Wear that dress you've wanted to wear but hesitated to do so because of what others might say. Dress up for yourself, not for others. Start working out and eating right because you want to be healthy, not because you want to look good for others.” 


She advised followers, “Do things for you—life is too short to think about what others may say. Be comfortable in your own body even when others make you feel otherwise. Laban lang, mga mars. Keep doing what makes you happy and you'll definitely rock it!”

Since her Princess Sarah breakout role, Camille has starred in TV shows and movies such as G-mik, Oki Doki Doc, and Munting Heredera. She has three kids: Nala and Nolan with husband VJ Yambao, and Nathan with late husband Anthony Linsangan.

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