Looks Like Cardi B Responded To Nicki Minaj's Shady Merchandise...With A Tattoo

Oh boy.
PHOTO: Getty Images

Much like the Little Engine That Could, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj's feud shows no signs of slowing down—and the most recent installment is peak drama. ICYMI, Nicki recently released a full line of merch literally designed to shade her rival by using the phrase "stopped my bag"—something Cardi said in an Instagram post directly after their fight at the Harper's Bazaar ICONS party.

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And while Cardi hasn't spoken directly about Nicki cashing in on their feud, it looks like she responded by posting what appears to be a fan's tattoo of "Get Up 10"—one of the songs off Invasion of Privacy.

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Honestly, maybe Cardi just wanted to show a fan some love. But some people think the post is a direct reference to Nicki's merch line thanks to this caption: "WE GONE WIN KNOCK ME DOWN 9 TIMES!!"

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Cool. Glad to see everyone's getting along so well!


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